Curvy Kate SIAB Top 3 Finalists: Georgina Horne #3

Last by no means least I spoke to the ‘gorgeous-George’ Georgina Horne – who achieved a fabulously curvy-and-proud third place in Curvy Kate’s ‘Star in a Bra’ 2011. Georgina campaigned for plus-sized beauty and encouraged all the other girls from day one – go Georgina!

Georgina is all smiles at the Curvy Kate Star in a Bra top 10 photoshoot

Congrats on making third place in Curvy Kate’s Star In a Bra 2011! I’m sure you’ve been asked this a hundred times, but how does it feel?!

It feels…surreal! My initial reaction was a ‘damn, if only I’d been second so I could have gone to the shoot’ but then I evaluated just how far I’d come and how amazing it has been to meet some of the other girlies, especially Sophia, and have the shoot and awesome experiences. Plus to see Lizzie, (who I love and had become quite close to!) win it was amazing! And that gorgeous little minx Emma is a well-deserved silver medallist!

How have your friends and family felt about you being half naked on the internet?

My friends weren’t especially shocked and were extremely supportive right from the word go. My boyfriend has been amazing – he has had to cope with months of public underwear snaps, strange men expressing stranger desires and even got me some votes from some larger lady loving forums! My family never really got their head around it – as I told my Mum, I was doing it to make a point, to which she replies ‘well I think you made two’.

And more importantly how do you feel about it?

I’ve always been a larger lady and I have sort of come to terms with that and accepted that this is how I am and I am happy, so I embraced the idea of using my scantily clad fuller figure to express to others that some women are a bit bigger but look, pretty undies for them too! There have been moments when I’ve gone ‘eek, everyone knows what’s going on under my clothes’ but I’ve mostly been quite OK with it.

Georgina (left) with fellow finalist Sophia Jenner (centre) and winner Lizzie Haines (right)

Have you had any kind of bad feedback or bad experiences from people online because of the competition?

You know what, I have been utterly shocked by how many amazing reactions I have had – I had about 3 people say bad things on some groups I spammed, but people who had already commented told re commented telling them where to go! It hurt to read it, but I accepted that not everyone likes to see a fairly big girl in her undies and tried to ignore it. I have had men (and a few women) make some very lusty rude comments but I guess that’s also so be expected!

How did you find out about the competition and what made you decide to enter?

I found out through a few friends who urged me to give it a go, and after researching and watching a few of the old videos I made up my mind that I would! I am part of an online forum where we discuss and share fits of clothes and undercrackers, so I was used to bearing all for the purposes of helping other women get and idea of fit and style on a different figure, so this was just a more public extension of that.

Where do you get your bras fitted?

Bravissimo all the way! I have been fitted in Leia before just for Freya bras (which I love!) but generally I prefer Bravissimo as they were the ones who broke it to me that my 38FF bust was actually more like a 36H.

Have you encountered bad experiences in the fitting room?

I had one woman in one place take up my challenge of finding me a padded bikini…they went up to an F there. She produced a 40F, shoe horned the Horne puppies into and proceeded to tell me that the six boob effect was temporary and that the bikini stretched easily. Luckily I had the sense to do a runner!

The Daily Mail recently posted an article asking women if their big boobs were a blessing or a curse – what is your opinion on this, and have you always felt this way?

Well I’ve never ever thought them to be a curse and if were reductions were free I wouldn’t bother. People know me as bubbly busty George, I’ve learnt how to dress my curves and they are here to stay! I used to not enjoy them as I focused more on trying to be (my version of) ‘fashionable’, but now that I know what to flaunt and what to hide I rather enjoy my boobies! Freya Decos help a lot as well!

You’re obviously a huge fan of Curvy Kate, but what other brands do you enjoy?

Freya, as aforementioned! I mange to cope pretty well with my 36GG Decos in every colour and swear by them, and try to convince all the ladies on the forum to own at least 4. Gosh, I think those two brands are all that I wear regularly actually!

Are you able to disclose the plans for what happens next? Do you know what Curvy Kate have in store for you?

I know zilch! I’m not too sure that they have much planned but yay, free stuff, plus size bronze position, amazing friends outed and made, I’m happy!

Georgina models the Curvy Kate Angel bra in Raspberry – looking stunning!

Thanks so much to Georgina for the interview – what a star!

Image credits: Images by Curvy Kate

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