Curvy Kate Showgirl: Thrill Me and Tease Me Bra Reviews

Brastop have recently added loads more of the Curvy Kate Showgirl collection to their stock, so I thought what better time to review their two best sellers, the Thrill Me and the Tease Me. This is a collection that I have been eager to try for a long time, after trying an old-style Thrill Me about a year ago and hearing about their change of manufacturer. I wasn’t overly ‘thrilled’ with the old style but these new ones are absolutely beautiful. They have improved the fit, fabrics, embellishment and they now have the luxurious feeling that was missing from the old style.

I was kindly joined for this review by Becky Mount, co-founder of booby pressure group Busts 4 Justice. She has a 30G bust so was the perfect model to show how these bras fit on a slightly bigger bust.

Both of the styles are balconettes which if you read my reviews you will know is probably my favourite style bra. Although you don’t get the cleavage of a plunge these both give a great ‘Marie Antoinette’ style shape, which is just gorgeous and in my opinion much more subtly sexy.

First of all I have the ‘Tease Me’ in purple which I actually had to buy in a 28F. I found the fit to be very much on the border – the 28FF was quite big on me but the F a little smaller than I would have liked with a slight risk of being a ‘showgirl’ in the way which I assume was not intended by the collection’s namesake. The F fitted in the cups quite well but the balconette is quite low. I felt supported, with no ‘double boob’ though.

Becky had the ‘Tease Me’ in the Almond colour, which is part of the new Spring/Summer collection. She claims:

For me, the Tease Me is the perfect way to bring a bit of burlesque glamour into your underwear drawer, without compromising on fit. Whilst wearing such a set every day might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I don’t think such a beautiful set should be saved for the bedroom – the Tease Me gives you enough cleavage to make an impact but the fit is still spot on. Showy lingerie for anyone over a D cup is often unheard of, but the Tease Me is a wearable set that fits like a dream and looks even better, definitely a favourite of mine. The fact that the design is renewed every season with different colours is great, as a style that suits my shape and figure, I like knowing I don’t have to look elsewhere for a bit of variety.

I have to agree with Becky, the colours have all been gorgeous and I love that all of the Showgirl sets have lots of colour choice.

Attractiveness: 10/10

Fit: 6/10

Comfort: 7/10

Styling: 10/10

Support: 6/10

Shape: 7/10

Price vs. Quality: 8/10

Re-purchasability: 7/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 7/10

The ‘Thrill Me’ set was the biggest surprise for me. As I said I owned one before and wasn’t overly impressed with it but the new style is stunning and the rumour mill that you need to up-size the cups is true as a 28G was a perfect fit. I was in love with the luscious satin fabric and devine ruffles, the perfect set for a bit of a pick me up and is definitely boudoir underwear which is supportive and structural enough to double up as every day wear. The only problem is the ruffles which probably would show a bit under a tight dress or tshirt.

As you can see I bought the high-waisted briefs and they were surprisingly flattering. They really nip you in at the waist so flattering on curves as well as creating an illusion of curves for more top-heavy ladies. The seam down the back makes them cling to every curve and they are so retro-chic and don’t look at all ‘grannyish’.

Becky has this bra in the Pink and Ivory colours and has written a guest-blog review for us here.

One thing about both of the sets in the Showgirl collection and something I find with Curvy Kate in general is the fact that the briefs can come up quite small. I have to buy a size up from my ‘usual’, which is not a problem but something that perhaps you should be aware of when ordering. However, I did buy the ‘Thrill Me’ high-waisted briefs in my usual size and they were a perfect fit.

And the shorts are amazing – check out the ruffles!

Attractiveness: 10/10

Fit: 4/10

Comfort: 6/10

Styling: 10/10

Support: 6/10

Shape: 4/10

Price vs. Quality: 8/10

Re-purchasability: 8/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 8/10

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46 Replies to “Curvy Kate Showgirl: Thrill Me and Tease Me Bra Reviews”

  1. I love this review. You make me want to go out and buy a complete ensemble. Usually I only purchase the bra, but the ruffly shorts look so fun, and I love seams down the back of briefs.

    Also, it’s refreshing to see real, un-photoshopped women in these sets. Thanks for having the courage to pose for these pictures. I don’t look nearly as amazing as the two of you, but you inspire me to accept myself.

    1. I don’t even have photoshop, haha and even if I did I wouldn’t know where to start haha! Thanks so much Darlene for the feedback, you absolutely should accept yourself, that is what this blog is all about!

      Plus the set is soooo lovely! x

  2. Oh my goodness – i am in love with the thrill me set..those colours are gorgeous! Wonder what size i’d go for though..I am the same as you in that i find the 28f of the tease me a bit small and the 28ff a bit big! you both look lovely! true modern day pin ups! 🙂 x

  3. I love the high waist knickers, definitely have to get a pair!

    I disagree though, on the idea that a G cup will show how the fit is for G+, because from what I’ve heard it is past G cup that the bra fit can change. I believe I read somewhere the Curvy Kate showgirl bras where quite good, but not past HH, I don’t remember where I read it (could be venusian glow, stanikomania or bfcidad, perhaps?). Anyway, you both look great 🙂

      1. That will not be neccessary, I’m not all that likely to fit into even the J cup, so for me, it is only a know stuff about bras thing, I can’t use it myself, most likely. I have ordered the lavender emily, so I’ll see how that goes.

  4. Wow, like your pictures better than the catalogue ones.
    From which season is the purple tease me? I can’ seem to find it anymore, but remember seeing it on CK website before they change it (now one can only view the current collections), the bra looks much prettier here than I remembered! And the thrill me… I wasn’t sure about the wine with very pinkish undertone because, like you, I’m very pale and some tones of reds/pinks make my skin look red (dunno if this makes sense to someone else other than me, but some red/pink clothes make my face look red, like when one blushes, I don’t know if it reflexes the color or whatever) but it looks great on you so I’m thinking of getting it :). Once again the color looks slightly darker on your pics than on CK’s.

    1. Not too sure what season it is but i saw some on and amazon not long ago! The Thrill me is amazing in that colour, def my fave! They have some great ones coming out in A/W which I have my eye on, however! x

  5. Did you find you needed a size up from your usual in the Thrill Me? Just bought my own set and my boobs are squashed to within an inch of their life!

  6. hi,
    I’m from Trinidad and up til now i’ve been wearing 34DDD – which, in a country that is as tiny as T&T, is SO hard to find! It’s so odd though-most Trini women are very voluptious so one would think the larger sizes should be easy to get. However, the bras I do get are granny bras – they make me feel so matronly I think I’m getting depressed just thinking about them. We get mostly American-made bras. I just came across some Freya and Fantasie bras – after trying them on, the 32FF/34F were perfect. I had actually thought a well-fitting bra was a myth! Problem – its over $600 TT (equivalent to £60!) for ONE. So I ordered some from brastop (1st venture into online shopping) – the freya deco, fantasie amber plunge, fantasie smooth moulded and I couldn’t resist the CK tease me in black/coral. How do you think the CK compares in size to a freya or fantasie? 4 bras for $755 TT (including shipping). I’m so excited!
    Love your reviews 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback! I have found that CK bras are not miles off a Freya fit so fingers crossed they should be fine for you! I hope so, they are so gorgeous! Brastop are wonderful! x

  7. Very good of you to be insightful and try to encourage women to go about getting fitted etc., but unfortunately I have to say your bras look too tight. I am sure form what I can see between arm and bra that you have too small a backsize.

    I am not trying to be insulting, but it seems you yourself don’t wear the correct size. Bras aren’t supposed to bunch you up like that.

    Otherwise, you look nice. Just please think on this and don’t just ‘RAGE I AM RIGHT CUS I HAVE A BLOG’, but actually consider what has been said here as it to me looks like you aren’t a 28, more like a 32.

    Thanks for listening.

    1. Thanks a lot for your feedback but I was wearing 32 bands for years and they never fitted me. I was fitted on the high street and it wasn’t until I was fitted in Bravissimo as a 28 that any bras ever ‘felt’ like they fitted. I know this is a hotly debated subject and different places will give different measurements but I am really happy with my size. If anything I feel I could perhaps have gone up a cup size in this bra but I wanted to keep the ‘uplift’ look – the FF wires aren’t sitting on my breast tissue or giving a ‘double boob’ effect, but not particularly roomy… however I feel the style of the bra is something with that ‘Marie Antoinette’ style cleavage that I mentioned in the review, and I am comfortable with it as it is. I have been measured all over the place but of every time I’ve been to Bravissimo (about 7 times) I am always told the exact same thing and I am more than happy with their advice. I completely understand what you are saying and I appreciate your comments, but I have got quite fleshy arms and as my breasts are very wide set I have more flesh at the sides than most people, but as they say you know your own body and I am happy with what I wear. Plus I used to get the exact same thing when I used to wear a 32 band x

    2. I completely disagree. From my own bra experience, since wearing the correct backsize in 32 (when I measure 31″ around my underbust) I have actually noticed such an amazing difference – there’s more support, the back band doesn’t ride up, and my breasts have actually lifted a bit over time (something I never thought possible).
      Both Cheryl and Becky look like they’re wearing absolutely the correct size in my opinion, properly supported and looking confident. It’s this ‘vanity sizing’ (which actually stems from the 50s when women were expected to have the hourglass 36-24-36) that sadly makes women wear bras that are far too loose, which in turn, leaves them very unhappy, and sometimes with back problems.

    3. Actually, “Anon,” armpit fat, if cause by your bra at all, is always caused by wearing a too big band and too small cup. The too-small cups force the breast tissue to the sides and over time it can stay there permanently. When this happens, you can fix the problem by wearing big enough cups to contain all of the breast tissue, and scooping the underarm breast tissue into the cups. The you need a small enough band to hold the ‘side boob,’ as I call it, in place. I wrote about this phenomenon on my own blog here: And, by the way, that woman wrote to my later saying how much I had helped her and she couldn’t thank me enough, that she had gone *down* a band size and it had fixed her whole problem.

      So, if anything, Cheryl could use a smaller band and bigger cup. However, I personally think she looks lovely just the way she is and I don’t see a problem with her size. What matters the most is her own personal comfort and I know I would rather have the support and a bit of armpit fat, even if it was caused by a tighter band, than have that weight resting on my shoulders and hurting them.

      My advice, by the way, is not just based on the fact that I have a blog, it is based on years of research and experience fitting women. 🙂

  8. Brittany is completely right. Don’t listen to “Anon” Cheryl you look fabulous and NO ONE can tell how a bra fits from a photo. Women are 3D not 2D

  9. I totally love the full body shots in this review. It gives me a better visual of what the knickers actually look like I think. (You guys look absolutely fantastic this way as well!)

  10. I think you said somewhere on this blog that you rarely wear t-shirts but that you do wear CK bras on a daily basis.
    What do you wear then?

    I’d like to try & buy a CK bra but I am not willing to spend lots of money (I don’t live in the UK and shipping fees will probably ruin me at some point) on a bra that won’t work with my clothes. I don’t mind a few visible lines but a whole bunch of ruffles just seems too much to hide.

    Any advice that’ll change my mind?

    1. The newer style of the Tease Me’s are better, with less ruffles, and the Tempt Me has no frills, so they’re good to wear! I wear a LOT of their sheer bras too, especially the Princess and Emily. But if anything has ruffles I either put up with it for the sake of pretty lingerie or wear clothing that isn’t tight enough to show them, r lower cut.

    2. Hmm that’s a tough one. I guess it all comes down to your personal choice. I personally couldn’t care less if my boobs don’t look like a perfectly round ‘t shirt bra’ shape, so for me a little bit of ruffles showing is no big deal. The only bra that I’d really think twice about wearing with a t shirt is Curvy Kate’s Thrill Me, but I tend to wear this with thick knits or layered outfits and I have no problems with it. I guess it’s all about personal choice and preference! For a smoother silhouette I wear Panache, Cleo, Ewa Michalak’s Celius, Freya soft cups or Curvy Kate’s Emily is a favourite, too. x

  11. hi i am a big fan of curvy kate i have the thrill me in 4 colours [2010,2011] colours now i find the oldest ivory black in my size 28J and i order it ,i want to ask you have they got different between the[ colours ] sizes?if the 28J its ok in peach plum in the ivory black the fit is the same?

  12. you mean that probably they had the same fit, i love the thrill me and its very same that curvy kate stop made it.i have the tease me too but i prefer the thrill me and flearty

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