Curvy Kate ‘Lottie’: Bra Review

The Lottie is the brain child of De Montfort student Sarah Greenwood who won the annual Curvy Kate design competition in 2010. Her design has exploded in popularity and has even been picked up by department store giant Debenhams. We immediately felt the need to both test this new CK baby, and found it to be a bit of an advocate for the phrase ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

The Lottie is set to be a best seller from Curvy Kate this season and I can see why. Styling wise, the ‘Lottie’ would last through a working week to a pretty weekend set, and would be right at home in either Spring/Summer or brightening up a bleak mid-Winter.

Even though for me it was one of those bras that you put on and it feels amazing, by the end of the day I felt a little bent out of shape. I found the wires didn’t quite mould to my shape very well, seemed a little too wide set, and I’d get wrinkling underneath as my boobs settled into the cups.

At first we weren’t too enamoured with the Lottie purely because amongst so may beautiful flashy sets it didn’t grab us so much at Moda (amongst the Showgirl collection, you have to be pretty loud to be heard), however Becky found it absolute dream to wear, and finds it perfect as an everyday bra. The soft silky satin adds a touch of luxury and the rose floral detailing is super cute and pretty. The colours are rich and eye-catching; a complimentary clash.

The shape is quite a relaxed uplift, and is supportive but not as ’rounded’ as we usually like. The seam down the centre of the cups is also usually quite visible under tshirts and more clingy material, so it has to be worn under thicker material to go completely unseen.

The laminated cups mean your boobs feel very uplifted from below, but I found the contrast in material between the lower half and upper half feels a little strange at times as the top half of my boobs feel a little left out.

That said, I do have it in a few different colour-ways now as it’s so great for around the house or for a long day in the office.

Overall a very pretty, comfortable bra but not our favourite Curvy Kate set by a long shot.

Attractiveness: 7/10

Fit: 6/10

Comfort: 7/10

Styling: 6/10

Support: 7/10

Shape: 6/10

Price vs. Quality: 7/10

Re-purchasability: 7/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 7/10

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