Curvy Kate Horizon Halterneck Bikini Review

I have to say, with weather like we’re having in the UK at the moment (and long may it continue, pretty please!) I have to admit that most days I’ve rarely been out of a bikini, whether I’ve been on the beach or in the office. When you’re a bit, ahem, hot and sweaty, there’s no bra that feels quite as comfortable as a bikini, and since mine rarely get an airing, I’ve been using any excuse to actually wear them for a change!

Not only this, I’ve also seen this as a pretty stellar excuse to get my hands on some more – and the Curvy Kate Horizon Halterneck bikini was one of the sets at the top of my list.

So simple, clean-looking and yet still pretty in a very ‘French Rivera’ kind of way, the fresh colour-way of true scarlet and bold white stripes is truly eye catching, yet still the height of ‘classic chic’.

I had some difficulty in choosing between the balcony version and the halter, but since I only actually own one other halter bikini, and in DD+ sizes it’s such a mission to get one that fits and flatters beautifully, I thought I’d go for the halter-neck. After all, what else can us busty gals wear with racer-back tops in this weather?

Unfortunately, The ‘Horizon’s fit and shape really didn’t match up with it’s design promise. The ‘profile’ of the cup is really something to behold, with a conical shape – yes, no other word could really describe it – which I found truly embarrassing and quite frankly, unwearable.

I was so so SO bitterly disappointed, as I was so desperate for this style to work for me. Now, I like a ‘natural shape’ as much as the next gal, and don’t insist on a perfectly rounded ‘Deco’ shape at all – but this really was something else.

Not only was the shape quite dangerous-looking (you could probably have someone’s eyes out with that point), it also wasn’t particularly uplifting. The shape was a downward-facing, sloping, sad conical point which will definitely not be seeing the light of day, let alone my long weekend in Ibiza.

Attractiveness: 8/10

Fit: 2/10

Comfort: 5/10

Styling: 7/10

Support: 6/10

Shape: 1/10

Price vs. Quality: 4/10

Re-purchasability: 0/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 3/10

Let me compare the fit to my ‘golden oldie’ Freya Zodiac bikini which I’ve now had for a few years. The shape is so utterly different, and the fit so amazing in comparison, that I know I would not part money for the Horizon when I can pick up something like this – it’s just a case of finding it.

I will definitely be looking in Freya’s direction for a halter in future, and really want to give one a go from Cleo’s swimwear line. It looks like Freya’s ‘Tootsie’ halterneck bikini has a similar fit to ‘Zodiac’, so I’m hoping that I can get my Riviera stripe fix from there, with the fit I love!

Do you have any halterneck bikinis that you love and would recommend?

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5 Replies to “Curvy Kate Horizon Halterneck Bikini Review”

  1. Have you tried any Miss Mandalay halter top bikinis? I have two “boudoir beach” bikinis (black and white), a bit expensive but really worth it 🙂

  2. Hi Cheryl

    Thanks the review. I tried this bikini myself& had to return it as the shape looked bizarre on me. Swapped it for the balcony style which is really comfy, have been wearing it whilst on hops in cape verde. Unfortunately, a point to watch out for is the back clasp. It’s plastic and quite fragile. I have done a ‘Barbara Windsor’ with all of my curvy Kate bikinis so far! Got 2 paradise, 1 horizon&pebble 1. Not good for the price! Don’t know if back band is too loose.

    Have found the best halternecks for me are beach collection by debenhams. I find the standard sizing easier.

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    I think you’re right: your Zodiac looks like the “Bandless Halter Bikini Top” style from Freya, so I suggest the Tootsie Bandless Halter Bikini Top in magenta should fit the same 🙂

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