Curvy Kate Gia: Bra Review

It’s been making waves in the blogosphere for a fair while now, and after seeing the stunning Curvy Kate models in it, the Gia is one of the most requested bra review that I’m yet to do. Reportedly similar in fit to theΒ Lottie (which I rather like),Β I was really keen to get my hands on one.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all I was hoping for.With Curvy Kate bras I find my size changes a fair amount – for instance, I’m currently a 30FF in their Portia bra, 30F in Lottie, 28G in the Emily and 28GG in the Tease Me. With the Gia, I tried a whole multitude of sizes – pretty much everything from a 30E to a 28G – before I realised that it’s just not the best match for me.

As someone with quite wide set boobs and lower fullness – any bras which have quite structured fabric up top don’t really work well for me. For want of a better phrase, all of my ‘boob flesh’ is in the bottom half of my breast, so I need something a little more flexible or more shallow up top in order for the top on the cups to sit flush to my skin. I think this is why styles like the Emily and Lottie works a bit better for me – the cup, especially the top half of the cup is a bit more flexible so moulds to my shape a bit more.

In order to avoid a very gappy effect that I got from the 30FF, I sized down to a 30F and found the fit much better, again suggesting that this bra compares to the Lottie.

I was disappointed as I am rather keen on the soft, shiny, satiny fabric, and the geo embroidery is very unique. Sadly, I just can’t wear a bra that doesn’t fit these days, no matter how pretty it is. I think the only thing that lets it down a little is how the embroidery doesn’t continue across the sheer panel like it does in the promo pictures. Alas.

Out of curiosity, I persuaded my HH pal Jesse – who has larger, very full breasts to try on the Gia, and she found it lifted her heavy bust and fitted perfectly. The laminated cup gives the right amount of lift without being restrictive, but the more robust top fabric creates a supportive cradle for the upper flesh. Again, a bra that is more suitable for gals with more round, fuller-up top boobs, but beware – if you have very close set juggernauts, you might have trouble with the Gia.

Just for reference, here’s some pics of me in the Lottie, which I’m sure you’ll agree suits me much better:

For some excellent examples of bloggers who have the Gia and love it, check out Miss Underpinnings and Fuller Figure Fuller Bust.

What do you think of the Gia? Which Curvy Kate bra are you most looking forward to from the new Autumn/Winter collection?

Attractiveness: 5/10

Fit: 4/10

Comfort: 6/10

Styling: 5/10

Support: 7/10

Shape: 2/10

Price vs. Quality: 4/10

Re-purchasability: 2/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 4/10

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11 Replies to “Curvy Kate Gia: Bra Review”

  1. Reading that you vary from 30E to 28G in CK- truly brought home to me the annoying thing about ordering bras online, especially in the U.S. I would love to find my size in various Curvy Kate/other brand styles, but I get really frustrated about having to buy only one bra in various sizes, return whichever doesn’t fit, and then having to place a new order after that for whatever other bras I originally wanted. Even with sizing advice from knowledgeable people such as yourself, I think usually I’d need to try about 3 sizes to get a perfect fit because I have an unusual breast and ribcage shape. I wind up with various bras that just “suffice.” Sometimes I wonder if something could be done about this? Like not having to pay extra for different sizes in the same bra but having your payment on hold until you return the ones that aren’t keepers? That’s probably extremely unrealistic, but I think I would have so much more fun variety in my lingerie drawer if that were possible. Nowadays all I really do is order a style that I’m 100% sure will fit and flatter because I can find a sister size in a store here, which unfortunately presents a pretty small selection.

    Sorry about the novella! It is too bad that the Gia didn’t suit you- I quite like the styling of it.

    1. I have to agree with you, bra-shopping online sucks. But at least most stores have improved the return process so it is less annoying. What state are you in? There are a lot of new D-K cup lingerie stores popping up everywhere so I am hopeful that maybe in the next 5-10 years the situation in the US will be less dire.

      1. Jessica- I’m in TN. We actually have a small independent store about 20 minutes away that sells a selection of bras in “my size,” but I don’t like giving them my business after an experience when they made me feel really bad about myself. I thought it might have been a one-off, but then I heard other people saying that even though they “specialize” in larger cup sizes they tend to make their customers feel a bit freakish for having to wear them. Awful, I know!

  2. See, I’m a bit confused when it comes to the Gia. It seems to me like it’d be worse for women who are full on top, given that it is cutting into your upper tissue slightly, even though you are full on bottom.

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