Curvy Kate ‘Fleurty’: Bra Review

Continuing on from our Curvy Kate Spring/Summer 2012 round-upย we review the newest addition to the Curvy Kate family – and one that we’ve been SO terribly excited about – the Fleurty!

Cheryl and I are like children on Christmas eve when it comes to new collections – there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your favourite lingerie reinvented thanks to a new colour way, and then scoping out what new treats are on offer. But of course the latter is the real icing on the already delicious cake – don’t get us wrong, we still squeal with delight at seeing our staple sets getting a new lease of life with some seasonal colours, but really, can anything beat the thrill of a new design?

The Fleurty is one of two new designs at Curvy Kate, the other being the Daily Boost which we’ll be reviewing ASAP, but we had to focus our attentions first on the simply stunning Fleurty. A new addition to the Showgirl range, I cannot get enough off this stand out range.

My first impression? I’m a smitten kitten.The colour unusual combination of the peachy pink with an almost-lilac tinged blue was an interesting choice, and one Cheryl is still unsure about. She’s mad! I, on the other hand, loved it and found myself falling in love with the striking combination. It shouldn’t work, in fact the two colours should probably clash – yet they somehow compliment each other. The delicate embroidery and folds in the sheer fabric along the bottom of the cups make this a super pretty and super feminine bra.

In typical Showgirl form the back size is a little looser than other Curvy Kate bras, although not as much as usual. In fact, we wouldn’t go down a back size at all like we often do with, say, the Thrill Me. The fabric is lovely and soft against the skin and the straps are thick enough to be supportive but not too much that they’re a bit hideous.

And so on to the fit. A fair few seasons ago, Cheryl and I coined the term ‘Marie-Antoinette cleavage’ almost exclusively to be used to describe the effect given by the Thrill and Tease Me. It wasn’t plunging, but in fact resembled cakes on a plate, and we love ANYTHING that resembles cake! This kind of cleavage is the kind you’d expect from a corset, but not so drastic, and the Fleurty is an Invest In Your Chest certified Marie Antoinette bra, rejoice!

When reviewing a bra, we want to do it properly – giving the set a proper wear-test before giving our opinion, and I had every intention of doing this. I anticipated spending a sunny day going shopping with my boyfriend in tow, doing some chores, cooking a roast. But the shopping was soon replaced by a bit of an adventure to the a woods near us. Fleurty on, I tackled heathland, building a log bridge, falling in a stream (more than once) clambering over gates and up trees, flinging myself on an old stone bridge (and subsequently falling over and rolling around in the leaves), all in my Fleurty. And did it survive? It sure did! I barely had to re-arrange the bra throughout my adventure which is a feat in itself.

I’d liken the Fleurty to the Tease Me bra, although it does feel and seem to fit a bit better; a bit more sturdy. There did seem to be a tiny bit of a gap between me and the lace trip/very top of the cup when looking at it from a side on view, and this could be down to the fact that I chose a 30GG. I’m a bit in-between sizes, and whilst the 30G is wearable, I found (like many in the Showgirl range) that I was a little close to a nip-slip, and by going up a cup size the bra was more reliable. Cheryl was the same, opting for a cup size up for a bit of reassurance but still with an amazing cleavage.

Warning: the knickers are rather small with this set, but the pantyline is seamless soft mesh material which is very practical and unlike anything CK have done before!

Cheryl commented on the Fleurty: ‘I’m still unsure about this colour-way, but I love the gathered detailing at the bottom of the cups and broderie anglais embroidery effect. The fit did indeed seem superior to the Thrill Me on me, but the shape is also much more wearable due to the lack of ruffles (sob!). I found the tops of the cup didn’t like completely flat against my boob shape, but as I’ve got quite low fullness, it seemed much better on Becky whose boobs look suspiciously like footballs. The bra is really comfortable and supportive, though, and for a Showgirl this is especially impressive. I’ve been lusting after the next season’s offering of the Fleurty, a gorgeous ocean blue and turquoise – a perfect replacement of the main thing that puts me off this bra – the colour.’

I don’t know about Cheryl, but it’s fast becoming one of my favourite bras and is absolutely perfect for spring and summer. Go Curvy Kate!

Attractiveness: 9.5/10 (Cheryl: 6/10)

Fit: 8/10 (Cheryl: 5/10)

Comfort: 9/10 (Cheryl: 7/10)

Styling: 8/10 (Cheryl: 7/10)

Support: 8/10 (Cheryl: 6/10)

Shape: 9/10 (Cheryl: 7/10)

Price vs. Quality: 8/10 (Cheryl: 7/10)

Re-purchasability: 8/10 (Cheryl: Not this colour! 3/10)

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 9/10 (Cheryl: 7/10)

** This bra was gifted by Curvy Kate for review purposes. This does not affect my opinion or my write up in any way. All views expressed are my own. **

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16 Replies to “Curvy Kate ‘Fleurty’: Bra Review”

  1. Thanks for the great review! I’ve been waiting so long for this ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do you think the cups are shallow? comparable to the Thrill me?

    I’m in love with this colour, but the Thrill me is an awful fit on me ๐Ÿ™

    xoxo denocte

  2. Hello lovely!

    Have you tried the Tease Me? I find that a lot firmer and more supportive than the Thrill Me (I think the fabric made them quite soft/a little flimsy), and the Fleurty is one step up from the Tease Me. I personally found the cups to be not as shallow as the Thrill Me, so you might be in luck!

    1. Ohhh, sounds great. The tease me would be a good fit on me, unfortunately I only own it in too small a bandsize, would fit but hurts ๐Ÿ˜‰

      ahhhh, thank you thank you thank you!

  3. Yay, I finally got to read this much anticipated review!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ That’s GREAT to hear that it’s tighter in the back, so that’s really great for this 28 back lady. Also, it looks like the cups are slightly more generous than the other Show Girl styles (if you had some slight gapping). So now I’m even that much more excited.

    Can’t wait to hear about the Daily Boost soon! Now, if only it was possible for me to buy the Fleurty, Daily Boost, AND some of the Curvy Kate swimwear at the same store I might be in heaven. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Ohh Becky, I’m loving the wear-test pic!! And I hate a nip-slip too ๐Ÿ˜‰ great review of the bra, loving the style and design but think I’m with Cheryl on the colour..!

    1. Hi, I think it would probably show to be honest, but this is a bra that is made to be seen! Under non-clingy jersey fabric we find it very wearable x

  5. Great review! btw, what happened with Fleurty in Royal Blue/Aqua? Saw it in their catalogue but couldnยดt find this color anywhere..

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