Curvy Kate’s ‘Daily Boost’: Bra Review

After what feels like waiting for an eternity, we finally review one of the latest additions to the Curvy Kate family, and perhaps their most practical offering yet – the Daily Boost? But can it convert two sheer cup addicts?

Let me start by saying one thing – it is hard for me to like any bra that isn’t sheer. Cheryl isn’t as against them as I am but for me they are a pretty big deal. Unless they’re giving me a cleavage a la Curvy Kate Showgirl, the chances are I don’t want to know.

I wish I wasn’t so bitter, but I’ve never really been successful with any bra that isn’t sheer. Not only that, but I am completely against any underwear considered plain and practical. After years of being spoiled rotten with beautiful lingerie, anything resembling a t-shirt bra seems like the devil incarnate. I may as well be allergic.

However I have decided to just admit defeat and realise that sometimes we need a practical bra. What have I been using as my t-shirt bra all this time? The Masquerade Rosa…not exactly ideal. But it’s the closest I could get to a smooth cup bra that worked for me.

Enough whinging, onto the review!

I swear to God it feels like forever ago that this bra was announced, and people have been foaming at the mouth in anticipation. I just kept thinking “really?!”. Not quite a molded cup, it’s a ‘foam lined balcony bra’ and perhaps Curvy Kate’s first foray into a lingerie drawer ‘staple’. You see, ever since the Deco failed me, I’d all but given up on bras of these kinds, but the fact that it wasn’t a molded cup perhaps helped me to even try one on…

Looks wise, I wanted to die. I don’t like white underwear, and I don’t like that weird beige shade masquerading as ‘nude’. So as you can imagine, I was in hell. It’s not that the colours are anything horrendous, just personally I can’t think of anything worse. I’m not painting a very good picture here, am I? Thanks heavens Cheryl has given her two cents all the way from Japan.

Looks aside, this bra felt lovely. The fabric is so soft, unlike anything I’ve ever felt from the Curvy Kate range, and definitely a selling point. The bra could easily become one of those comfortable bras you wear because they feel so good against the skin.

The fit too was pretty spot on. I did find the back band a little firmer than say the Showgirl – not quite as tight as the Angel, but firm and sturdy. This may loosen up with a few washes, but it was still very comfortable. The slight plunging shape fitted my boobs a treat and as you can see from the picture below, there wasn’t a hint of double boob. I felt secure and even though there wasn’t much of a cleavage, I didn’t end up with an ‘east and west’ looking pair, which is a huge relief. My boobs looked…normal? In a cup that isn’t sheer/a plunge? Preposterous! Maybe these kind of bras do have a place in the world…and I will admit, I did have a smooth silhouette under my t-shirt…

I will admit, the Daily Boost is putting up a fight, resistance is quickly becoming futile! It IS practical, and fits my shape and size well (although as you’ll soon find out, the same can’t be said for Cheryl…) but has it won me over? Not yet. Sorry Curvy Kate, but if I’m going to invest in a bra that goes against everything I normally wear (and stand for!) then it’s going to have to be in a nicer colour. My aversion to white and beige is a tad extreme but hey, it comes in black for Autumn/Winter 12 and THEN I’ll take the plunge and get practical. And dare I say it…I’m even excited about the Smoothie…what’s happened to me?!

Cheryl commented on her experience with the Daily Boost: “I’ve always found it very hard to find a moulded or padded bra which suits my shape. The Freya Deco, somewhat of a Holy Grail of bras for so many full busted women, was a disaster on me. Unfortunately, for me, the Daily Boost was (very much like the Deco) one of those bras that feels great and fits well at first, but with wear isn’t right for me. I actually got the exact opposite problem that I did with the Deco (where my boobs settle in to the cups leaving empty space at the top and side-boob emerging from the sides – a common occurance with wide set and/or boobs with lower fullness – I have both!). In the Daily Boost, I found that I got the dreaded fabric fold at the bottom of the cups which – thanks to my shape – I find I often get with Curvy Kate’s moulded cups.

That said, the balconette shape and soft lined cups make this a much better option for me than the Deco. The band was a nice ‘true to size’ fit, but I had to size up to a 30FF to avoid double-boob, (with my current ‘true’ size being more like a 30F) so that’s also something to watch out for. The biggest problem is also the fact that I’m not accustomed to wearing these kind of ‘unashamedly practical’ bras which aren’t the prettiest things in your delicates drawer – particularly in these white and nude colour-ways. I believe that there’s always a place for pretty, decorative lingerie whatever the occasion; I’d rather have a bit of lace, frills or gathered fabric showing any day. I’m still holding out hope that Curvy Kate’s Smoothie will be the fit I’ve been waiting for with its cute subtle leopard print at the end of the year.”

Attractiveness: 3/10

Fit: 3/10

Comfort: 5/10

Styling: 5/10

Support: 6/10

Shape: 4/10

Price vs. Quality: 3/10

Re-purchasability: 2/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 4/10

** This bra was gifted by Curvy Kate for review purposes. This does not affect my opinion or my write up in any way. All views expressed are my own. **

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22 Replies to “Curvy Kate’s ‘Daily Boost’: Bra Review”

  1. I LOVE padded bras and never wear sheer cups, but I’m not tempted to try this one. Nude and white bras never appeal to me, but the combination of the two with that unnecessary trim is particularly ugly. I also experience the fabric fold that Cheryl talks about in other padded Curvy Kate styles, such as the Elegance and Tempt Me, because the cups are just too shallow for me. I’ll be holding out for the Smoothie!

  2. Funny how you say you only had success with sheer bras in the past. I, too, only have sheers in my lingerie drawer, save for one practical strapless bra. It’s like I’m still riding the high of finding out that I don’t have to wear hideous tent-like beige bras for the rest of my life and I can actually wear sheer bras — which, by the way, happened years ago.

    Just one concern with sheer bras, though: nipple outline on T-shirt. How do you deal with that?

    1. Mine do not behave – when I’m chilly you can see EVERY bump, not just the nips! I have a large collections of pretty scarves, but I also use Dimrs.
      Unlike petals, they have no adhesive and actually cover a full-busted girls nips.

  3. How do you find Curvy Kate bands to fit compared to Freya? I’m a 28FF and I find that Freya bands are too loose (really, I should be in a 26 band, but the idea of special ordering things I can’t return scares the bejebus out of me!). I’ve been intrigued by the Curvy Kate bras, but don’t have a lot of extra cash lying around for shipping and what not. Worth it?

    1. Hi Karen,

      By the sounds of it you won’t get on too well with their Showgirl range which runs notoriously large in the band. Not quite a whole band size up, but to me the 28 band seems like a 29 band if that makes sense? People often say they need to size down in this range, though.

      Their general ‘Curvy Kate’ range, the sheer cup bras like the Emily, Angel, Romance, etc are quite comparable to Freya, but I find their bands can be less stretchy. I still wear the same size in Freya and Curvy Kate for the most part, so if you find them much too loose a CK bra still might be too big for you. Have you tried Ewa Michalak? They make fantastic bras and make 26 and 24 bands to order. I have done lots of Ewa Michalak reviews: and also Curvy Wordy reviews them frequently and in depth:

      Hope this helps! x

    2. I should be a 26 in Freya bands as well. I even emailed their marketing dept to lament how much I loved their bras, but how I can’t wear them anymore because their bands have gotten stretchier. (They sent my email to the design department! You should chime in, too.)

      Anyway, I actually find that I need to wear an extender on my Curvy Kate Portia bra, and that a 30 band is actually possible for me! A Cleo bra (Sadie, I think) worked as well in a 28 band. So even if you need to size down on a Freya, you might actually be fine in 28 bands for other brands.

      I’ve also had good luck in the band with some Parfait bras, as a 30 band is just right. But they didn’t go high enough in the cups. I suggest you try a 30F or 30FF Parfait Charlotte.

      Ultimately, I think Ewa Michalak is the brand to fit my chest the best. No other brand goes deep in the cups like Freya and EM. Unfortunately, I’ve found their sizing to be inconsistent across styles, which is a huge PITA when ordering from Poland to the States.

      Have you heard of Bratabase? There are great bra swaps there.

  4. I am also hoping for a slight miracle in the Smoothie… The Deco is a disaster on my girls, too, and now I have sized myself out of the range. However, I think I have found my miracle of nude bras in Ewa Michalak. I just got my first order last week, and my CH Toffik is going to be my new nude staple! Most bras in that color don’t have such gorgeous detailing and Marie Antoinette cleavage. It is by no means seamless, but I wore it easily under a white t-shirt. CurvyWordy reviewed the PL version
    I might have to get that one AND the Cielus that was modeled by Cheryl a while back…and get a second job to pay for my new addictions of Ewa and Curvy Kate!

  5. Dear Cheryl,
    I’m pretty full on the bottom as well, and had the fabric fold at the bottom with the Curvy Kate Tempt Me. Is this pretty much the same issue? That’s a shame…

  6. I think I have the exact opposite problem: I’m terrified of sheer bras (or anything soft-cup, for that matter) and have a lot of space at the BOTTOM of the Freya Deco. (I don’t think I look top heavy, but I’m always coming out of the tops of bras, even with space at the bottom.) However, I did recently find a sheer cup bra that works really well for me (Cleo Sasha)… I think a lot of my fear had to do with my having only tried on the wrong sizes and shapes. And I think that the Daily Boost is definitely the right shape for you! I agree- the available colours aren’t great… but the shape certainly flatters you.

    As for the Deco… I love it so much that I’m tempted to just get it and wear cookies in the bottom of the cups. The Deco just really doesn’t get along well with certain breast shapes.

  7. “Looks wise, I wanted to die.”
    Becky, this made me actually start laughing at my desk at work.
    I totally understand though, as much as my “nude” deco gives me a great silhouette, I hate how nude bras look. 🙂

  8. Girls I bought 2 of these bras in two different sizes from ebay. I wanted to try your advice and get my exact band size, 34. The bra is super comfy (thought I wish the centre wire was a little higher). The 38E was ok in the band but too small in the cups. Should I get 38F or 36F?

    The 34H was a little tight in the band but HUGGGE in the cups. Would a 34G be too tight in the band.

    Please help! I live in Asia and it’s hard to get bras above a C-cup.

    1. Well, a 34 band is a 34 band, no matter what the cup size, so a 34G should be just as tight in the band as a 34H. How tight is “a little tight”? If you can wear it and don’t feel like it’s cutting you in half, it’s probably okay. Also, bands tend to stretch out with wear, so I usually get the smaller band when I am between two. If the 34H was only one cup size too large, then 34G sounds like it should work (but if the band is really too small, go for a 36FF).

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