Curvy Kate AW13 Preview at Moda Exhibition

Whilst we’re on the subject of Moda Exhibitions, let me share with you another brand which I feel have a great season ahead of them – and that’s good old faithfuls, Curvy Kate.

Again, since their awesome YouTube video (anyone seeing a theme lately of these sneak preview videos popping up everywhere?!), this Autumn/Winter collection has gotten Becky and I rather excited. Plus, can I just take a moment to stress the excitement at the thought of a babydoll up to a K cup!?

The new sets boast improved fit, practical colourways and an expansion of the incredibly popular ‘Smoothie’ bra, with a gorgeous yet understated diamond embossed overlay and a brand new name: ‘Starlet’.



‘Dream Catcher’ in petrol and black – both modeled by Sophie (so much hotness in one photograph!)



‘Daisy Chain’



‘Lola Babydoll’



‘Starlet’ in petrol blue



‘Starlet’ in black



‘Starlet’ in red



The brand seem to have ‘grown up’ a lot for AW13, and whilst I’m sure many will agree that’s not necessarily a good thing (I’ve never seen so much black in a CK collection and I for one miss the lurid colours and frills of Showgirl sets of old), this season sees CK step it up a notch in their commercial viability. Lots of ‘old favourites’ have been disposed of and replaced with new an improved styles – the ‘Dreamcatcher’ apparently being the ‘new alternative’ to the old Emily and Princess bras, and the ‘Daisy Chain’ and ‘Rosie’ sets emulating the fuss-free, dependable fit of the Lottie.

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