Curvy Kate Autumn/Winter 2011 Review

With the High Summer collections being released in stores and end of season sales popping up all over the high street, this can only mean one thing… the new season collections are coming! And this applies to the lingerie world too. As I revealed in my post about Curvy Kate’s Autumn/Winter collection which I spied at Moda Lingerie Show, Curvy Kate have some exciting and gorgeous pieces coming up in their A/W 2011 collection. As their catalogue is already available to view on their website, I decided to take a look at the sets they are repromoting and get a feel for the new colours and trends they are injecting into their exciting new range.

First up, a re-promote is the classic ‘Emily’ set in the usual colours black, white and nude as well as a delicious grape/black dual colour-way.

Lauren Colfer at the Moda Exhibition with some of the A/W 2011 range.

This is a set which remains one of my favourites from Curvy Kate – one which I have myself purchased in two colours from previous collections! For a full review click here.

The Curvy Kate Princess modelled in the raspberry and purple colour-way (left) and by my 30HH model Jessica in the old favourite indigo.

Next up is the stunning Princess bra set, one which I recently reviewed and that my 30HH model Jesse raved about in her Style File.

The new colour is really pretty and unique.

Next up is the Angel bra which revolves around teal this season. Available in black with teal or teal with gold, the latest Angel colour-ways looks set to be a welcome change to the various shades of pink in the last few seasons. A gorgeous looking and fitting bra which I gave a glowing review recently.

This season’s Angel bra (teal with gold) modelled by Curvy Kate’s Lauren Colfer (left) and by Jessica in raspberry with black from last year’s collection (right).

The Portia – not one of my favourite Curvy Kate sets – and disappointing to see it again in black with pink or white with pink – a bra which is easily overlooked in the 2011 A/W collection but a great basic which gives a minimising effect.

Myself in the Portia (left) with Jessica in the Angel (as above) and Curvy Kate’s models rocking the latest collection (right).

The Elegance still only available in white and black – a stunning bra which gives a killer cleavage but I would have liked to see a pop of colour this season. A request? A deep petrol blue I would snap up in a heart beat!


The formidable Showgirl Collection doesn’t disappoint – the Tease Me with black and rich wine or silver is perfect for an the party and festive season. Imagine one of these under your LBD on New Year’s Eve!

Curvy Kate’s stunning Laura Butler teases us in the wine Tease Me (left), myself in my own purple Tease Me (right).

Perhaps my favourite of the entire collection are their jewel-toned Thrill Me’s, the purple one in particular. The blue with pink is a little too similar to the cobalt and fuschia colour-way which is actually still available on Brastop… The purple, however stuck out to me at Moda and is still the one item from the collection which has stuck in my memory the most. As one of my favourite Curvy Kate bras, the Thrill Me seems to have achieved it’s namesake for A/W.

Lauren Colfer in my lust-have of the season – the purple Thrill Me with the high-waisted briefs (left) and myself in my own wine/navy Thrill Me (right)

The two Thrill Me colours available for A/W 2011.

Some new bras for us all to look forward to trying include the Lottie, designed by Sarah Greenwood – the winner of last year’s design competition which Curvy Kate host for De Montfort students:

Curvy Kate beauty Daisy Hill models the Lottie set.

The Romance – which seems quite similar to the Emily to me, but this is not necessarily a bad thing! Can’t wait to try this out so see how it compares – the embroidery is very ‘french romantic’ and gorgeously decadent – love it!

The Romance – a new addition for A/W 2011.

What do you have your eye on from the new collection? I’m lusting after the Romance, the gold Tempt Me and the purple Thrill Me – I never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait for summer to be over!

Image credits: Images of A/W range by Curvy Kate

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10 Replies to “Curvy Kate Autumn/Winter 2011 Review”

  1. I love the new Thrill Me colours, they match my hair! I guess that means I don’t have an excuse not to buy both…

    Do you find that the Elegance bra is shallow in the cups? In the picture it looks as though there is a crease near the bottom of the cup, and the underwire is about an inch lower than your actual boob. I have this problem with the Panache Zara/Inferno bras. I was hoping this would be a better fit, ’cause I’m a big fan of plunge bras.

    1. Despite the picture, the fit is actually great in the Elegance… a really comfortable plunge bra so I’d definitely recommend you try it! If anything I find the cups come up a tad small x

  2. Hi Cheryl, can I make a request for your future bra reviews please? Could you take side-on photos as well as front? I’m super picky about shape, and it’s not always easy to tell whether the bras you review provide the rounded shape I generally go for.

    1. I have thought about side pictures for that very reason but I never did them as I figured as everyone is shaped differently I thought it wouldn’t be helpful. But yes of course if you think they would be helpful I will certainly start doing side/profile pictures! Thanks for the suggestion! x

      1. I think it would be really helpful; even taking different shapes into account it’d give a bit more of a fuller (excuse then pun!) picture. Thanks for considering my suggestion πŸ™‚

  3. Until I read your (wonderful) blog I had ignored Curvy Kate but this week I bought 3 CK bras. First the Emily set from Brastop which is certainly is true to size for me as a 30GG and 2 Criss Cross and Angel bras in which I had to go up a cup size. They are comfortable, supportive, give me a great shape and are really pretty. And bargains, too. Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks for your comment Janice, so glad to hear you’re happy with your purchases πŸ™‚ Curvy Kate really are a great brand and they’re really improved in their short time of being in business. I can see them getting bigger and better – have you seen the up and coming Autumn and Spring 2012 collections? x

      1. Yes, I am looking forward to buying more! The Curvy Kate bras I bought are immediately comfortable, I wore the Angel yesterday and I am wearing the Emily today. I loved Eveden bras ( Freya and Fantasie) but find the backstraps often too long and the shoulder straps often so stretchy they dig in to my shoulders or make me bounce when I walk(not a good look). I have only tried one Panache bra – the Superbra but whilst giving shape and support they are extremely uncomfortable – the only bras I have had to take off as soon as I get home from work and in horrid cheap fabric with deep bones that dig into my arm pits and they also look ugly so it is great to find an alternative. Like most slim but curvy women my underwear is more important that my other clothes and I love the reviews you and others do on this blog and related blogs . But that’s enough about me!

    1. Hi Amy thanks for getting in touch! I find Curvy Kate’s bras to be fairly comparable to Freya give or take – other than their Showgirl collection which comes up a bit larger in the band – especially their Tease Me which I find huge as a 28 band. If you have any more questions please ask! x

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