Cleo by Panache Meg: Bra Review

If you read my Moda favourites post back in March about my favourite offerings from Panache, you’ll have spotted how smitten I was with Cleo by Panache’s stunning ‘Meg’ set.

A real stand-out from their whole range looks wise, the striking (and irresistibly on trend) oriental bird print is so unbelievably gorgeous, that I could even go on to say that it was the bra I was most looking forward to trying from the entire trade show.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the full bust market has exploded in recent years, and to keep up to speed, it’s clear that Panache have really upped their game design wise, and put every shred of thought into their ranges for the past few seasons. There have been no cutting of corners, with the most minute of details such as the delicate brushed silver bird pendant to the scalloped edging to the tiny peekaboo panel along the top of the cups which looks impossibly difficult and expensive to achieve..

Fit wise I wasn’t blown away with the Meg, especially after their Marcie had fit me so impeccably well. Flawlessly, even. I found Meg was trying to manipulate the shape of my boobs quite a lot, rather than just uplift and gently shape like the Marcie or Tango bras from Panache.

After my experience with the Panache Tango, and after being fitted at their bloggers event I went for the Meg in a 30FF, but had to switch for a 30F to avoid a fair bit of room in the cups. The band is nice and firm in a 30 band and straps are fully adjustable.

As my breasts are quite wide set, I found my boobs were brought forward quite a lot and nicely supported from the sides which felt a little strange but nice in a ‘boosted’ kind of way. I wore the bra for a good few days of working, shopping and moving, and the support held up very nicely, but the way the cups sat just wasn’t quite right. I noticed a fair amount of wrinkling around the top and the bottom of the cups. It almost looks like the stitching tension is a little too tight resulting in a rather overly rigid seam.

I’m hoping that this bra will ‘break in’ after a few more wears and a wash, but at the moment despite this being my fave looks wise, the Marcie remains my ‘purchase of the season’ by Panache. That said, and despite her flaws, I’m delighted with the Meg and would say to anyone who go one particularly well with the Alexa and Olivia bras of Cleo’s past, I’d say you NEED to get your hands on this little beauty.

Attractiveness: 10/10

Fit: 5/10

Comfort: 7/10

Styling: 10/10

Support: 8/10

Shape: 5/10

Price vs. Quality: 6/10

Re-purchasability: 7/10 (due to the fit issues)

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 7/10

You can pick up a Cleo Meg of your very own from Simply Yours or

** This bra was gifted by Panache for review purposes. This does not affect my opinion or my write up in any way. All views expressed are my own. **

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15 Replies to “Cleo by Panache Meg: Bra Review”

  1. How did you find the wires? Are they wide or narrow? I have wide set, bottom heavy boobs and prefer wider undersides, fingers crossed this one works. It’s so pretty!

    1. I also have wide set, bottom heavy boobs and for me the wires on this were just right. They weren’t *too* wide, but enough to not be pokey and uncomfortable. x

      1. Great! I’ve found Panache/Cleo underwires work so much better for me than Freya. Been too scared to try Ewa yet, as I’ve heard they have narrow wires that would irritate me. Thanks 🙂

  2. It is possible to stretch the seam of the bra a bit when it is wet, this helps with the rigid seam. Quite a lot of women had this issue with the Marcie, a too tight stitching tension in the seam between the upper and lower cup caused in-cup-quadboob on them. Stretching the seam helped in many cases.

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