Mish Online Exclusive Doubles Donations Towards Coppafeel

Cornish full bust independents Mish Online have been given an exclusive first access to Panache‘s now award-winning sports bra, in the gorgeous Coppafeel! campaign colour.

Coppafeel are the most incredible breast cancer awareness charity, which encourages women of all ages to get breast aware and check their boobs for any possible signs of cancer on a regular basis. Continue reading “Mish Online Exclusive Doubles Donations Towards Coppafeel”

Panache Spring/Summer Press Event 2012

Panache’s Press Event was an absolute pleasure to attend. All of their brands were extremely strong for the approaching season and all were outstandingly beautiful, original and luxe. Panache’s strength lies in their directional approach, strong visuals and  ‘niche’ collections: Masquerade for luxury, Cleo for fun, Superbra for beautiful everyday and all for fit. Continue reading “Panache Spring/Summer Press Event 2012”

Shock Absorber ‘Run’ Sports Bra Review

Next up in my (unfortunately somewhat neglected) sports bra review series is the Shock Absorber ‘Run’ bra. As I mentioned in my last Shock Absorber review (the Level 3), SA have a handful of bras which cater to a specific sport. Unfortunately since I’m neither a master criminal, a millionaire or a bra charity I’ve only gotten my mitts on the ‘Run’ version, however I find this concept really interesting, and it makes sense to cater the design to the supposed activity since the sport dictates the movement you’ll be doing and therefore the support you’ll need, right? Continue reading “Shock Absorber ‘Run’ Sports Bra Review”