Braless in Brasil: Follow Fridays Blogger Interview

Next up in today’s Follow Fridays interview series is the delightful June from Braless in Brasil – one of my go-to blogs for bra problem solving, in-depth information and intellectual opinions on the world of bras – yes, there really is such a thing. June’s blog really is wealth of information. Each of her posts are jam-packed full of text, but it’s always well worth reading and I always learn something every time I stop by. Plus, June is currently pregnant so her recent extra twist of maternity information is really worth checking out if you’re expecting.

Mish Online Exclusive Doubles Donations Towards Coppafeel

Cornish full bust independents Mish Online have been given an exclusive first access to Panache‘s now award-winning sports bra, in the gorgeous Coppafeel! campaign colour. Coppafeel are the most incredible breast cancer awareness charity, which encourages women of all ages to get breast aware and check their boobs for any possible signs of cancer on a regular basis.

Panache throw a royal party fit for a Queen

As you can see, whilst so many of you were enjoying a lovely long weekend, us bloggers were working hard to get the latest on Panache’s upcoming Autumn/Winter collections, as well as a sneak peek at their upcoming (secret!) Spring/Summer 13 range.

Freya, Fauve, Fantasie, Elomi and Huit 8 Press Event Autumn/Winter 2012

Summer hasn’t even started and already the brands are getting ready to showcase their upcoming collections for later in the year. Luckily for us, Eveden have a few tricks up their sleeves as they showcased what’s to come later in the year.

Moda Favourites: Panache Masquerade, Cleo and Superbra

Panache’s stand is one of the ones I look forward too seeing the most every season, partially due to their vast array of brands which suit all different occasions, but their Marketing Manager Heather is always so much fun!

IIYC Lingerie Favourites of the Year Awards 2011

So it’s the end of the year and it’s that time when we all can’t help but look back on 2011 and think of what we’ve done, learned and loved!

Panache Spring/Summer Press Event 2012

Panache’s Press Event was an absolute pleasure to attend. All of their brands were extremely strong for the approaching season and all were outstandingly beautiful, original and luxe. Panache’s strength lies in their directional approach, strong visuals and  ‘niche’ collections: Masquerade for luxury, Cleo for fun, Superbra for beautiful everyday and all for fit.

Panache Sports Bra Review

Marketed as ‘Support for every sport’, Panache claim to have created this bra utilising their ’renowned fit knowledge to create a product that was more advanced than anything else on the market and that reduced confusion created by other sports bras’. Considering my last post about the Shock Absorber Run and their ‘designed for purpose’ different styles, I found this idea rather attractive: something which does it all and does it better than anything else was the promise, it seemed. I wont have to buy three different bras and have a different one on tab depending on what activity I was embarking on; all I’ll ever need is the Panache…

Shock Absorber Level 3 Sports Bra Review

The Shock Absorber range is available in different levels of support, and just like different levels hold available in hairspray you use them for different things. The Shock Absorber ‘Level 3’ is probably the equivalent of a ‘natural hold’ in the hairspray world: something for use for lower-level impact sports. I’ve used this bra kickboxing and found it a good level for that – perhaps other than when Muay Thai instructor had us running and high-kicking simultaneously. It’s perfect for a brisk walk, yoga, dancing, roller blading down the promenade and even cycling over pot-holes, but I’d probably suggest you upgrade to a level 4 for aerobics or a stint on the running machine.

Freya Active Soft Cup Sports Bra Review

The Freya Active sports bra fits much more like a traditional sports bra than its counterpart the underwired version. I found the fit to be much the same, the cups are true to size, fitting me much like any other Freya bra, and thankfully this one I did get in my usual 28FF and I enjoyed the fit much more than the 30F in my Freya Active underwired sports bra. Whilst the fit was spot on with this bra, I’m not sure I preferred it to its sister bra, however it is a fantastic option for someone who wants to avoid an underwire whilst exercising. I’ve worn this bra to the gym, cycling, boxing and running, and even though my boobs aren’t so compressed and held down like in the Shock Absorber level 4, I never felt an uncomfortable bounce and couldn’t have asked for a better support.