Transitional Season Fashion

  Bird print jumper, Monki (similar here)I don’t want to admit it – you don’t want to admit it. But yes, it’s coming: British Winter. It’s inevitable, and yet, whenever the time comes around, I’m always sad. I can handle the ominous looming of golden leaves and the ‘will it or won’t it’ sun forecasts, but I simply can’t stand when you wake up in the morning before the sun has risen and leave work when it’s already pitch dark.

Budget Summer Fashion

photo 19

On a Bank Holiday weekend, at the first glance of sunshine, we Brits are out like a flash, dressed in clothes which it’s probably not hot enough to wear, probably as white as sheets and probably not wearing sun screen. I decided – upon reading the weather forecast was going to be cloudy, with sun and a whole 12 degrees – to pop down to a local sun spot – Lulworth Cove.