Independent Store Focus: Mabel & Jacks


On this blog you’ll notice that I will always include a link to where you can buy the products that I feature, just to make life a bit easier. I usually just search for a big online retailer who stocks the product in a large size range so that you’ll be most likely to be able to pick one up.

I’ll admit that, from an independent retailer’s perspective, this isn’t always the best approach to take. Independent retailers tend to focus heavily on the in store experience. Many don’t have a website, either because they want to focus on women coming into the store and having a fitting with a real expert, or because, let’s face it, not every small business has the capacity to operate as an online retailer, let alone compete with the likes of Figleaves and Debenhams. Continue reading “Independent Store Focus: Mabel & Jacks”

IIYC & Triumph Bra Club Now Fully Booked! #triumphbraclub

Triumph Amourette, Maison Triumph

Triumph Stand up for FitI just wanted to write a quick post to update you guys on the IIYC & Triumph Bra Club meet and greet event I’ve been planning with Triumph International on Monday the 9th of June, and I’m stunned to announce that this event in now fully booked. I truly wasn’t expecting for there to be such an amazing response to this, and it’s incredible to have your love and support. I’m so thrilled and excited to meet you all in 12 days’ time. Continue reading “IIYC & Triumph Bra Club Now Fully Booked! #triumphbraclub”

The Secret to Holiday Body Confidence

It may be nearing the end of the Summer, but if like me you’ve been planning (multiple) holidays that never seem to materialise, or are hoping to miss all the school-holiday rush and are planning a late-summer retreat, then you’ve probably got a little bit of a case of the pre-holiday jitters, mainly circulating around the concept of getting into your bikini. In public. Continue reading “The Secret to Holiday Body Confidence”