Help! My Boobs Have Shrunk

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Twitter you may have seen my incessant mentions of My Fitness Pal and going to the gym more often than I go to the bathroom.

Behind the Scenes at The IIYC Parfait by Affinitas Shoot

Just imagine; it’s 6am, and you’re waking up on a freezing December morning – you can see your own breath in the room and the thought of leaving your duvet seems about as appealing as swimming with piranhas.

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Washing Bras

I have had a lot of great feedback from you guys about my bra hand-washing tutorial, but it seems that so many of my readers are too darn busy to commit to this time-consuming process, and I’ve had countless requests for an easier way to do it.

Triumph Bra Club: Meeting Readers and Chatting about all things Bras!

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to host a reader meet and greet at the Triumph pop up shop, Maison Triumph, in Covent Garden, Central London.

Independent Store Focus: Mabel & Jacks

On this blog you’ll notice that I will always include a link to where you can buy the products that I feature, just to make life a bit easier. I usually just search for a big online retailer who stocks the product in a large size range so that you’ll be most likely to be  Read More

IIYC & Triumph Bra Club Now Fully Booked! #triumphbraclub

I just wanted to write a quick post to update you guys on the IIYC & Triumph Bra Club meet and greet event I’ve been planning with Triumph International on Monday the 9th of June, and I’m stunned to announce that this event in now fully booked. I truly wasn’t expecting for there to be  Read More

How I protect and organise my lingerie collection for £2

Not only is it vitally important that you hand wash your bras correctly to preserve their life, how you store them can also massively impact how long your bras last and how they keep their shape.

The Secret to Holiday Body Confidence

It may be nearing the end of the Summer, but if like me you’ve been planning (multiple) holidays that never seem to materialise, or are hoping to miss all the school-holiday rush and are planning a late-summer retreat, then you’ve probably got a little bit of a case of the pre-holiday jitters, mainly circulating around  Read More

Curvy Wordy: Follow Fridays Blogger Interview

Every time I see Caroline’s pictures my eyes widen and my jaw drops: her figure is truly something to behold. Her ‘extreme hourglass figure’ is certainly enviable, but as her blog Curvy Wordy demonstrates, it certainly doesn’t make life easy when shopping for clothing and lingerie.