All I Want for Valentine’s Day

Image source: Lingerie gifts have gone hand in hand with Valentine’s Day for as long as I can remember, as couples (and singletons for that matter!) indulge in the theatre of a ‘sexy’ lingerie set.

Student’s Guide to Bra Buying: Quality Bras for Less

When it comes to buying bras, or anything for that matter, I’m what can only be described as a ‘massive bargain hunter’. It’s extremely rare that I’ll buy anything full price, and my lingerie addiction rarely evades this philosophy. The good news is there are so so so many options for frugal frillies – so  Read More

Panache Andorra Balcony: Bra Review

May I introduce you to one of my favourite everyday bras, like ever: the Panache Andorra Balcony.

High Street Bra Fitting Challenge 2012

It’s fairly well documented on this blog that I’m pretty obsessed with lingerie (duh!). But it’s not all about pretty bows and eyelash lace – it’s so much more than that. I’m 100% in the ‘the perfect bra can change your life’ camp, and I’ll unashamedly and unapologetically chat all day long (or for two  Read More

Debenhams appoint 58 year old Jilly Johnson as the face of Reger by Janet Reger

Grandmother Jilly Johnson smoulders in the advertisment Here’s some news that might warm the cockles of any body diversity enthusiast: department store Debenhams have appointed former Page Three girl Jilly Johnson as the face of the Reger by Janet Reger Christmas campaign.

Fitting Talk: Freya & Debenhams

Guess what I got up to today? Here’s a (not so subtle) hint: For more check out my post on Freya’s Fitting Talk!

Bra-vo Debenams! Debenhams stock a decent range of 28+ bands on their website

Top high-street department store Debenhams have had a sudden influx of 28 bands on their website. The chain have also started stocking Invest In Your Chest favourites Curvy Kate. This is fantastic news as the brand will hopefully become more of a household name and will eventually be available in more ‘bricks and mortar’ locations.