Getting to the Root of the Problem

I’m no fitting expert and have never claimed to be, but I’ve tried on a LOT of bras on both myself and other women and have developed quite an eye for what makes a ‘good’ bra for me and a lot of other women, and what doesn’t. I have recently had a huge clear out  Read More

An emotional attachment to… bras?

After a very lengthy admission to the lovely Claire of Butterfly collection on Facebook yesterday, it got me thinking about my lingerie ‘hoard’. Some people just LOVE shoes, or handbags, computer games, movies, books or clothes. For me, it’s lingerie.

The Bra Band Project goes live!

You may have heard about The Bra Band Project before from the likes of co-founders and bloggers Boosaurus, By Baby’s Rules, Braless in Brasil, StackDD+, and Bras I Hate, but you won’t have seen the results. Until now.

The War on Plus Four: Calculation vs. Education

This week two seperate fitting guides were released on two major lingerie sites but oh my, what a difference there is!

The Only Way is Essex: Jessica Wright’s Lingerie Boutique

Any TOWIE fan will be well aware that the hit TV series’ Jessica Wright has embarked on the venture of opening her own lingerie boutique. The naysayers may ask ‘what does a girl from Essex know about owning her own lingerie business?’, but as the face of luxury lingerie brand Alexis Smith, Jessica has more  Read More