Cleo Lily Balconette: Bra Review

Cleo are, for me, a pretty failsafe brand and I tend to find that most of their items fit me pretty well (with quite a few achieving pretty impressive scores in their reviews!). It wasn’t until Cleo’s Meg got a pretty lacklustre 7/10 that I started to doubt in Cleo’s flawlessness. I was especially disappointed as the Meg style became the base for many beautiful colourways – often some of my favourite styles from each Cleo collection.

Tutti Rouge Liliana: Bra Review

Ask and you shall get, fair readers! After a quick poll on my Twitter and Facebook pages, a few of you said you’d next like to see my review of the Tutti Rouge Liliana next. I’m smashing out the reviews this week; making up for lost time and I’ve got so many sets to show you!

Braless in Brasil: Follow Fridays Blogger Interview

Next up in today’s Follow Fridays interview series is the delightful June from Braless in Brasil – one of my go-to blogs for bra problem solving, in-depth information and intellectual opinions on the world of bras – yes, there really is such a thing. June’s blog really is wealth of information. Each of her posts are jam-packed full of text, but it’s always well worth reading and I always learn something every time I stop by. Plus, June is currently pregnant so her recent extra twist of maternity information is really worth checking out if you’re expecting.

Full Bust Christmas Lingerie Wishlist

Freya Gem Underwired Balcony Bra

I have to admit, this was one of the most fun blog posts I’ve written in a long time. It basically consisted of online shopping, but without the budget or guilt. Best thing ever! I’ve simply put together the top 10 bras that I would pick if I were to ask for lingerie for Christmas. You may not agree with my choices, but it may give you some ideas of what to ask Santa for, or even what to pick up for your significant other.

Cleo by Panache ‘Marcie’: Bra Review

I admit, I’ve had a bit of a bra blowout lately. Having recently donated a pile of old bras to friends and BCR Global Textiles, I thought it was about time to replenish my collection! Right at the very top of my list of favourites has got to be the delicious Cleo Marcie.

Bravissimo ‘Lucine’: Bra Review

So this may seem a little out of character and very unlike me, but last week I fell in love with Bravissimo’s Lucine. I’ve never actually done a Bravissimo brand bra review on here before, and considering how much I talk about their fitting service, that might come as a bit of a surprise. It’s only because of past bast experiences – the otherwise much loved Dotty Spot and Alana bras are a hideous fail on me – I’d kind of written them off and gone for the branded styles. It was only when I went in last week for a fitting and was fitted into a few ‘own brand’ styles that I found myself reintroduced and left as a complete convert, and that was almost entirely down to this bra.

The Bra That Changed My Life

This post doubles up as my entry to Undercover Lingerista’s bloggiversary competition, as well as a last minute reminder for those who are yet to enter. There is a huge pool of prizes and you only have until midnight tonight, so get typing! I’ve picked the Panache Cleo ‘George’ as the bra that changed my life for two reasons.

Bravissimo Forever!

Bravissimo Pepperberry, Oxford Circus Yesterday I met up with fellow lingerie blogger Kitty Lingerista in London’s Oxford Street so naturally we went along to Bravissimo on Margaret Street for a fitting. Wanting to compare experiences and bra tips as we both wear a 28FF but both have very different body types and breast shapes it was certainly an interesting experience going shopping with her!

30k Giveaway Winner: Sarah Collins discusses size discrepancy between brands

Sizing Discrepancies: The tale of a girl who doesn’t know what size she is. Sizing discrepancies between brands, or even between ranges within a single brand, can leave you feeling confused and make the bra trying-and-buying process almost hellish. With the sub-32 band and D+ market well established on the net with outlets such as Brastop and Leia Lingerie, things can get even more daunting with the thought of having to buy several bras simply to send some, if not all, of them back because they’re the wrong size. So, as a girl who has no idea what her actual size is (I thought I was a 32F until about 6 months ago when I got measured properly in Bravissimo- I now own and wear 28/30 F/FF/G and in some brands could easily go up to a GG/H), I’d like to show you that you’re not alone when it comes to utter sizing confusion, and hopefully shed some light on how various brands tend to fit in relation to your ‘true size’ (if, unlike me, you actually know what it is!).