Moda Exhibitions Lingerie Show Autumn/Winter 2015 Trend Report

A few weeks back, Becky and I completed the first leg of our bi-annual pilgrimage to Moda exhibitions, to get the scoop on what’s to come in the the world of lingerie trends. This season it’s Autumn/Winter that was being exhibited, (I know, it’s a bit like time travel) and we’ve put together our take on what we have to look forward to later this year. Digital Floral Prints Floral print is well and truly in for AW15, but it’s go a modern edge. Prints are vibrant, clashing, and have a digital element to them. Prints have that ‘photographic’ look to them. It’s not really the time of year you’d expect to see a floral, and I have to say I find the ditzy floral look pretty tired and not to my current taste, but these were really stunning and seemed to give a fresh kick to the trend. Colours are also much bolder, tying in nicely with the technicolour trend: ‘multichromatic’. Freya Lingerie Freya Lingerie Freya Lingerie Tutti Rouge Freya Lingerie Green with Envy The shade of the season seems to be green. A really gorgeous, vibrant, shamrock green. It was everywhere! I personally love this shade, especially for Autumn/Winter. It’s festive, but a little different from the more predictable red that EVERYONE seems to roll out at Christmas/Valentine’s Day. And green seems to suit everyone, which is a bonus. Freya Lingerie Curvy Kate Curvy Kate Freya Lingerie Sporty Details I’m on a bit of a fitness kick right … Continue reading…

Student’s Guide to Bra Buying: Quality Bras for Less

Freya Ooh La La Body in Black

When it comes to buying bras, or anything for that matter, I’m what can only be described as a ‘massive bargain hunter’. It’s extremely rare that I’ll buy anything full price, and my lingerie addiction rarely evades this philosophy. The good news is there are so so so many options for frugal frillies – so for those of you waiting on payday or your student loan, you needn’t wait to kit out your top drawer!

Smaller bust resource: The best lingerie and swimwear options for smaller boobs

Tandem lingerie set by Huit Lingerie

I’ve received a lot of great feedback for my blog post about The Little Bra Company, as it focuses on a size group which remains largely uncovered in the lingerie blogging world. One of my favourite smaller bust bloggers is Of Lambs and Lace, who does IN-credible reviews into smaller bust brands, writes beautifully and even has a blog category specifically catered to Brands for Small Busts. Wowza.

Curvy Kate Horizon Halterneck Bikini Review

I have to say, with weather like we’re having in the UK at the moment (and long may it continue, pretty please!) I have to admit that most days I’ve rarely been out of a bikini, whether I’ve been on the beach or in the office. When you’re a bit, ahem, hot and sweaty, there’s no bra that feels quite as comfortable as a bikini, and since mine rarely get an airing, I’ve been using any excuse to actually wear them for a change! Not only this, I’ve also seen this as a pretty stellar excuse to get my hands on some more – and the Curvy Kate Horizon Halterneck bikini was one of the sets at the top of my list.

Simply Beach: Cleo Swimwear ‘Hattie’ Bikini Review

It’s not everyday I find a strapless bra that I really love, let alone a strapless bikini. Enter Cleo’s strapless ‘Hattie’! I’ve had my eye on ‘Hattie’ ever since we were given an exclusive sneak peak at the (at the time totally secret) Cleo Swimwear at the Panache blogger event way back in June of last year. I have to given myself credit: I’ve had the patience of the saint to wait this long for it, even though (let’s face it) here in the UK the need for bikinis is pretty abysmal and I’ve not had the need for it since I’ve not been on holiday since (boo!)

Braless in Brasil: Follow Fridays Blogger Interview

Next up in today’s Follow Fridays interview series is the delightful June from Braless in Brasil – one of my go-to blogs for bra problem solving, in-depth information and intellectual opinions on the world of bras – yes, there really is such a thing. June’s blog really is wealth of information. Each of her posts are jam-packed full of text, but it’s always well worth reading and I always learn something every time I stop by. Plus, June is currently pregnant so her recent extra twist of maternity information is really worth checking out if you’re expecting.

Eternal*Voyageur: Follow Fridays Blogger Interview

Hello and welcome to my new mini-series! I hope it will introduce you to some new bloggers to read, and a whole wealth of fabulous information at your fingertips! This might be partially due to the fact I’m a blogger myself, but when I read a blog, I find myself interested in the person behind the URL. So now I’ll be introducing you to the ladies behind some of the lingerie blogs that I read, with old and new faces who are as passionate about lingerie as I am! First up is lingerie, lifestyle and beauty blogger, Eternal*Voyageur.

Moda Favourites: Miss Mandalay

Miss Mandalay are a brand that have always been on my radar, but as I’ve been a student until quite recently, I’ve found their higher price tag a bit out of my range, sticking to cheaper options like Freya, Curvy Kate and Ewa Michalak, but mainly scouring the likes of Brastop for the majority of my lingerie and waiting for the sales to snap up the sets I’ve been lusting after. Now that I’m fighting my way out of the beans-on-toast lifestyle of University, I’ve been turning my attention back onto the higher-end brands, and Miss Mandalay is there right at the top. At Moda, my curiosity was reignited for this brand which boast a phenomenal fit, simple yet delicate and gorgeous designs and some of the softest, most luxurious fabrics on the market. Their designs may be a lot more classic than some of my other favourite brands, but they do classic like none other.

Moda Trend Report

Moda is without question the event in the UK lingerie calendar year. It is (unless you have the time and money to fly yourself to Paris, Vegas or New York for the Salon de la Lingerie or Curve exhibitions) the first place to see the upcoming trends and collections from your favourite big brands. This season’s Moda did not disappoint, with some really fantastic sets and collections from the likes of Freya, Cleo by Panache, Masquerade, Mimi Holiday, Miss Mandalay, Curvy Kate and Charnos being some of my personal favourites. We’re really in for a treat for Autumn/Winter 2012, and I thought I’d share with you some of the recurring trends and top picks from the full bust category. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

IIYC Lingerie Favourites of the Year Awards 2011

So it’s the end of the year and it’s that time when we all can’t help but look back on 2011 and think of what we’ve done, learned and loved!