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I have said time and again the importance of getting fitted correctly. I even made a post attempting to help you to fit yourself from home, but hopefully I make it clear enough in this post that this should only be a guideline, a starting point for fitting yourself by eye and that nothing beats a good professional fitting.

That being said, perhaps it is good to explore how different breast shapes can also affect the bra size you need. Different shapes and sizes will fit not only different ‘labels’ but different shapes of bras.

Bra database ‘Bratabase’ asks members on sign up to select which of the below shapes apply to them in order to determine what shape bras fit you best:

You can select as many of the above boxes as you’d like to give an impression of your breast shape. This can really affect your choice in bras so adding this extra feature really can make the difference when selecting potential bras.

This is a great idea as you will be able to determine with the help of women with similar breast size and shape will work for your body not only by breast size but breast shape. Although you should never rule out a particular style (you will never truly know if a bra will work for you until you try it on) it is a great indication of where to start.

For example, when discussing preferences between balconette and plunge style bras in the forum (section now deleted), I know that I personally prefer balconette styles as they work best for my wide-set boobs, but other girls prefer plunges as they are more ‘up front’. I may have the exact same average ‘bra size’ on a label as one girl but a bra may fit me and not her.

Ironically, I do love a good plunge as they bring my boobs more together, but the cut of them makes it difficult to find one that works its magic in the right way… I also find that the bra style can vastly change the bra size I need.

Complicated stuff, right?

Well no, with the help of sites like and (hopefully) my reviews and the forum (section now deleted) we can all help each other to find bra which work best for us; for every size and shape! The more girls who input data into the Bratabase database the better it will work for all of us!

Image credits: Images by Bratabase and

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22 Replies to “Breast Shapes”

  1. It is very complicated. Most of all, because I think it is really hard to tell what shape I am. I look at the illustrations, and I have almost no clue, though their description seems like it shouldn’t be so difficult, they are pretty clear. Maybe I’m a mixture of many things or something, or that I just don’t know what the average to juge from wheter you are pointy or round is. I don’t know if I’m all alone about being clueless, and that I really should know.
    I actually think it is easier to tell by seeing what bras I fit and how, rather than the other way around. It gives me some idea what I’m looking for next. For describing breast shape, I kind of still don’t know very much.
    I have no doubt it can have a great deal of influence, both on what bra styles you prefer and fit better, but also on what brands and bra models work better. So I think it is very important, and if you do know it can help you a great deal with your online bra shopping.

  2. As Lillefix mentions, the biggest issue I found with Breast shapes so far is that most women don’t know what are theirs. This could be because to one your boobs may look “normal” and without a reference it may be hard to tell. Some of us though have seen enough boobs “out there” to be able to tell differences. I am not sure though if it’s clear enough that you can pick several shapes at the same time.

    At some point in the site I prepared a similar set of diagrams, this time to reflect “proportion” depicting several sizes of boobs compared to the body in order to help distinguish which bras may fit better to a given “proportion”, since even though two women may wear the same bra size, their boobs/body can vary enough for them to look two completely different sizes. I avoided using them as I wanted to avoid conflict for not going through enough ranges and have some public feeling left out of range.

  3. This idea of breast shape dictating your style and even size needs to be more well known. I (as well as many other women) are guilty of purchasing bras because they like the way they look on the hanger, but don’t always look so great when we try them on.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Janet! I failed to create a list of rules as I think they are all subjective, but people should certainly keep their shape in mind! x

  4. My breasts seem to be wide and flat, with more breast tissue under the arms than iin front of my chest. Is there a bra I can wear that will concentrate my breasts in front more and less under the arms? Also I am a 46 band size by measuring with 4 inches larger around the fullest part of the breast but no way can I fill a C up bra. The best filling I have had is a 46 A, Very confused about what I need.

  5. Hi, I put my measurements on Bratabase, but how can I see what they suggest for my bra size? I can’t seem to figure the site out… Thanks!

  6. so according to you all types are at least a c cup? i came here hoping to better understand my breast shape, and now i feel way worse because i look nothing like the diagram. thanks for nothing!

    1. The pictures aren’t there to sizes but to show shapes. There are none that look EXACTLY like me either, but I can see how I’m a bit of a mixture between two or three of them. x

  7. Hi i wonder if you could help? i recently lost a lot of weight and as a result, sadly i now have droopy breasts (and some loose skin) so i would probably fall into the category of “full on bottom” most definitely!! i have two Panache Tango balconette bras and L O V E them, probably because for the first time in my life i figured out how to properly size my bra’s. (i think i wear roughly a 34 GG but i think that because of the additional weight loss i MAY be now a 34 FF although i wish they made 33 band because that’s really what i measure now and i use the tightest setting on my 34 band) So anyway while i love these bra’s, i wish i filled out the tops of the cups more and i have NO cleavage with the Tango at all, i also think my breasts might be wide set. Sticking with Panache, is there another one you can recommend that would give me GREAT LIFT but maybe a bit more cleavage and that has tighter cups up top? i was reading your blog on Panache Cleo Marcie and may try that one, i just need as much lift as possible and want to fill out the upper cups if that makes sense. Thanks SO much for any advice and your time 🙂

    1. Hi 🙂 I am also full on bottom and wear panache. The tango bras don’t fit me that well or give me a lift as I can’t fill out the top but I found out that if I wear the panache super bra porcelain plunge I get a lift as well as some clevage- which I don’t get in the tango. I am a size 28FF. Hope that helped 🙂

  8. Hi Cheryl

    I’ve never been professionally fitted (not properly anyway) so don’t really know what my breast shape is! Did they tell you at Bravissimo when you had your fitting? I suspect I also have wide set boobs but am really not sure. I mean they don’t look unusually wide set. How a you tell?


  9. Ladies, this is honestly great information for men, too. Breasts come in a variety too wonderful to be described by “34B,” but there’s never been an accurate system of description. So you get compared to fruit. This way is better. Also, if you’re struggling to determine which shapes yours are, your significant other would probably be willing to help…

  10. My problem is l always feel sufficated when wereing my Bra. My shoulder straps always come loose. lv been mess. I still can’t find comvert. CAN u help find the right Bra 38/

  11. The only problem with all those choices is that I’m likely to choose most of them to describe my breasts! The biggest problem I have though is trying to decide whether I have wide or narrow roots. My breasts are shallow, wide set and full on bottom, and from the front they look very wide at the root, almost like an upside down triangle. But when looking side on in a mirror, the root seems to be very narrow, ending about 2 inches in from the front of my ribcage. When I take off any bra at the end of the day, the indentation from the wires at the side seem to sit a good inch further back from the root of my breasts, but a cup size smaller would give lots of quadboob at the front and side. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

  12. What a great post, I am small framed but big boobed, so my boobs seem to go right round my sides – wired bras cut in! Still trying to find the best style so thank you for writing this post – it gives me a little bit of hope!

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