Bravissimo Forever!

Bravissimo Pepperberry, Oxford Circus

Yesterday I met up with fellow lingerie blogger Kitty Lingerista in London’s Oxford Street so naturally we went along to Bravissimo on Margaret Street for a fitting. Wanting to compare experiences and bra tips as we both wear a 28FF but both have very different body types and breast shapes it was certainly an interesting experience going shopping with her!

As a statuesque 5 ft 11 and a size 8-10, Undercover Lingerista (or Kitty as she is known to her readers and Twitter followers) is a stunning slim yet curvy yet tall 28FF. I however am a 5 ft 5 size 10 with a little waist but a fair bit of junk in the trunk.

Where we differed in body size and shape we share many similarities in bra size. Although some bras fit me wonderfully (for example I loved the Miss Mandalay bikini we both tried on) she found the same things fit a bit off for her shape.

Nonetheless, all in all we both love Bravissimo, who offer great fitting advice, especially for girls with small backs and large cup sizes. Both of us owe our 28FF ‘sizes’ to the bra fitting chain champions, and neither have ever looked back since our first fitting.

Inside the Bravissimo fitting rooms

Customer testimonials reveal how Bravissimo’s fitting service has changed the boob lives of past customers

Posters and frames on the walls spread the fitting message to customers

Even the mannequins are wearing the correct sized bra! More testimonials emblazoned over the waiting room wall

Bravissimo have their very own ‘Bra Banks’ which are there for you to dispose of your old ill-fitting bras (apparently a lot of women get fitted there and don’t want to put their old bras back on so wear their purchases home!) or for a collection point for those of you doing a wardrobe clearout. Rather than binning your old bras, why not take them along with you to Bravissimo for recycling and charity? Any bras which are usable are used by BCR Global Textiles who donate them to developing countries – now you don’t feel so bad for buying some more, right?

Bravissimo’s Bra Bank

More educational and awareness posters – Bravissimo aim to not only fit you but educate you why something fits

The store is well laid out with lots of  brands and styles to choose from. The vast majority of the stock sizes are kept downstairs or near the fitting rooms so don’t feel disheartened if you can’t find your size on the shop floor!

A whole wall of functional and practical yet pretty lingerie up to a K cup

As always, the fitting service in Bravissimo is pretty consistent, which is always reassuring. I know if I go into most high street fitting retailers I can come out a multitude of sizes with lots of conflicting advice and bras which quite frankly fit terribly. Bravissimo are different – I almost always get advised the same starting size (in fact – always!) and always the same advice RE: fitting, bra shapes, styles and brands, etc. The fitters are exceptionally friendly and well trained in my experience, really know their stuff and seem to care about you, your comfort and fitting you into the perfect bra. And why settle for anything less?

The store is laid out very well with great visuals and a vast range of styles and brands to choose from. Bravissimo even have their own clothing company Pepperberry which neither Kitty or I get along with both being a size 8-10 and sized out by Pepperberry’s vanity sizing – yet many women call Pepperberry ‘a godsend’ for their shapes despite the various complaints (For more information check out Georgina’s post on her blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust).

I personally don’t get on particularly well with Bravissimo’s own brand of lingerie either.

Going down a cup size left the underwires sitting on breast tissue under the arms and double boob yet a 28FF is left with surplus folds of fabric which don’t seem simply unfilled but just don’t seem to compute with my shape at all…

…and I had the exact same problem in the ‘Dotty Spot’

I was, however, tempted by the ‘Alana’ and the ‘Poppy’ bras which seemed to fit much better, however I found the material of the ‘Alana’ a tad scratchy.

The shape seems to be the problem for me; they seem to be made for someone with much fuller up top breasts where as all of my ‘meat’ is lower down. I have heard great things from people who do get on well with the Bravissimo own brand bras, for instance fans on a Bravissimo forum claim:

‘i’ve only tried one & the shape was too pointy for me. i don’t have cone shaped boobs!’

‘I have Alana, Poppy, Spotty Dot and love them all – especially the pointy retro of Spotty Dot, perfect under retro style outfits and close fitting knitwear’

‘I’ve tried Alana. I love the shape, nice and round on the buttom of the cup. However, the top just doesn’t work for me. In the first top half of my boobs I’ve got to little to fill it out. and still too much in the top, which made it to cut into my breast tissue. I did some sligt alterations (non-permanent) to be able to wear it since I was in desperat need (just did a tuck in the lace part of the cup) and now it fits perfectly. Great support, doesn’t hurt in any way, great shape and still just a bit skin showing.’

‘I absolutely love my Alana. Of all the bras, including Deco, I find it the most comfortable. Lets just say my boobs have defiantely deflated on the top with age, so I find that the top part of the bra fits me perfectly. I could see how someone with very rounded breasts on top would struggle in the Alana.’

‘My latest ones were the Mai Blossom and the Bubbles, which I’m delighted with. They are pointy, but I like that, as it totally transforms my bust! (Spaniels ears normally) haha!’

‘I’ve got the Broderie in my usual size and it works well for me! A good everyday bra.’

As you can see, as with any brand and shape, for some people it works and for some people it doesn’t, but for me unfortunately they don’t which is a real shame because many of them are really cute!

All in all, Bravissimo for me are one of the best companies around for stocking a great range of sizes as well as their exemplary fitting service which for a chain store is simply second to none. I only really shop there for basics which won’t lower in price (ie: permanent stock) as I generally buy my bras at an online discount retailer (it’s the student in me refusing to die!), however I cannot recommend their fitting service enough.

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  1. I got up early to get to bravissimo for opening time for a proper fitting and after reading your blog, i decided i deserved to wear a bra that actually fitted my boobs. Best thing i did, i went from a 34JJ to a 30K which felt amazing and made me look slimmer and my clothes fit so much better so a big thanks to you and your blog! I am now on a mission to find a shirt that i can button up and not gape!

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