Bra-vo Debenams! Debenhams stock a decent range of 28+ bands on their website

Top high-street department store Debenhams have had a sudden influx of 28 bands on their website.

The chain have also started stocking Invest In Your Chest favourites Curvy Kate. This is fantastic news as the brand will hopefully become more of a household name and will eventually be available in more ‘bricks and mortar’ locations. The site stocks the Lottie, the Portia and the Emily which are some of CK’s more ‘safe’ styles, however Debenhams will surely open the floodgates for Curvy Kate fans to explore what else there is on offer.

Even so it’s really brightened up my frosty winter morning to see so many bras for sale in my size, and crucially – companies recognising the need for them. Other brands being featured include the brilliant Freya, Panache and Cleo by Panache… including Cleo’s fantastic LONG-LINE bra in a 28 band! Unheard of!

This is a huge and vital step towards smaller back sizes being made more ‘mainstream’; so how about moving this into the stores soon? pretty please?

Here’s to more brands following suit!

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7 Replies to “Bra-vo Debenams! Debenhams stock a decent range of 28+ bands on their website”

  1. They’ve really expanded their range! My local Debenhams (Edinburgh) already stocks Freya and their own-brand “Gorgeous” bras in a 28, so hopefully they’ll add to that. I would love to be able to try on Cleos instore!

    1. Hi! Yeah I think I’ve come across one or two 28 bands in my time in Debenhams but they are usually only in the big stores and only one or two and only in the continuity styles… x

  2. (Oops, let’s try that again without my whole name. Can you delete the other one?)

    WOW! I just checked out the Debenham’s website–they even have some styles in a 28J! Nothing in a JJ, but hey, even Bravissimo only has 2 bras in 28JJ. I’d call this major progress 🙂

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