Bra Chain charity world record attempt fast approaching: 31st July 2011! Supportive support

For those of you who haven’t heard of Bra Chain yet, listen up! They are a charity who are attempting a Guinness World Record of the longest bra chain in aid of Women’s Aid, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign.

A worthy cause indeed! Their website claims:

Our aim: To create the longest bra chain to achieve that coverted title of Guinness World Record holders; bringing the record to the UK. (Currently held in Australia)

Criteria: Bras linked to each other and numbered in sequencial order (excess of 100 miles)

Yes, we do have a problem… a pile of donations!

Event: The date for the attempt is now set for 31st July 2011 at Worcester Racecourse courtesy of Arena Leisure plc

With the help of my friends and family (mostly Becky Mount and myself – terrible bra hoarders) I have a pile of around 50 bras waiting to be mailed off to Bra Chain. The charity also has multiple ‘drop off points’ around the country should this be easier for you.

Money will be generated through the interest gained from the World Record attempt as well as sponsorships and donations. Also, bras in good condition will be donated to Women’s Aid Groups or old, worn bras will be recycled for cash for Breast Cancer Research UK.

SO, don’t bin, send them in!

No bras to donate? No problem – donate cold hard cash to

Image credits: Promotional images by Bra Chain

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