Boux Avenue Bra Fitting Review: ‘Boux Hoo’

After what seems like an eternity, ever since Boux Avenue’s launch just over a year ago, we’ve been desperate to test out their fitting service, and see if they’d join an already overbrimming plethora of high street shops doing , quite frankly, a crap job.

Theo Pathitis’ latest addition to his business empire looks set to eclipse his previous success with lingerie chain store La Senza. Boux Avenue promises a higher quality fit and finish, with a very sophisticated social media prescence, an entertaining and informative blog and marketing push.

Best bosom buddies in tow, our very own Becky Mount and Fuller Figure Fuller Bust blogging mastermind Georgina Horne, we hopped, skipped and jumped our way over to the brand new, shiny flagship store in Westfields, London.

And boy, were we in for a treat. The store is absolutely stunning and feels very high end and boutique-esque. The elegant white and black theme hosts an array of surprisingly pretty (not too reminiscient of the horrors of La Senza’s past) and fair quality considering the very reasonable price point. All good stuff I’m sure you’ll agree.

But what we were really there for, of course, was the fitting service. Would it disappoint? Would it be a big tick and smiley face and an Invest In Your Chest 10/10?

The changing rooms were very luxurious and even competed with neighbouring Rigby and Peller which is just a stone’s throw away. The staff were friendly, eloquent and very accommodating, directing us towards the bright, clean, inviting fitting area which boasted a ‘day’, ‘dusk’ and ‘night’ lighting fixture. Very impressive!Then we get to the actual fitting experience. Despite being very very lovely and an absolute top notch customer assistant, the girl who fitted me didn’t impress me with her fitting and bra knowledge. Acting a complete beginner and completely clueless about anything to do with bra fitting, she would ask me how the bra felt and if I thought it fit well… when I think someone who obviously has so little knowledge needs to be TOLD what to look for in a good fit. Bravissimo would be a great example of an educational fitting, for example.

I went in, armed with a very poorly fitting Tease Me in a 34DD, which boasted some very attractive gaping, double boob, arched back band, digging in straps, centre gore all over the place… all at the same time. I wore this on the tightest hook, to which she made no comment and went on to get her tape measure out…

The results of the tape measure method wasn’t a complete disaster, with me being put in this very zesty and delicious lemony lace plunge bra in a 32E. It was a big improvement fit wise than the 34DD Tease Me, fit well in the cups, not too badly in the band and was made of surprisingly soft, quality materials; for the high street at least! The only problem? It was worn on the tightest hook.

Lately I’ve been wearing a 30F in brands like Freya, Curvy Kate and Panache (give or take the fit and style of the bra), and so in all fairness a 32E wasn’t a mile off. It was more the fact that had the fitter known that a bra that can easily be put on the tightest hook definitely needs a size down, she would have been prompted to put me on a 30F.

It’s a shame to be so close and yet so far from my size, but more worryingly is how little I learnt about a good fit, how I am completely unawares of the meaning of wearing a bra on the tightest hook, and thirdly, the fact that I have a sneaky suspicion that the fact 30F’s are unavailable in store could have contributed to me being put in a 32E. You never know.

Even more worrying, however, is how Becky and Georgina got on in the Boux Avenue fitting rooms.

Georgina, fitted earlier that day as a 34J/36HH by Eveden’s professionals  – the guys who bring us the likes of Freya, Fantasie and Elomi to name but a few, was fitted in Boux Avenue as a 40FF. Becky’s 30G’s were shovelled into a 36FF. Just awful.

George will be blogging about her own experience, which she’ll be posting about on her own blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust.

However, this is where Becky tells us about her disastrous trip…

As Cheryl said, the girl who fitted me was lovely. She was chatty, friendly and an absolute delight. I told her I preferred bright colours, and she came back with a striking peacock blue and then almost fluroscent orange version of the bra Cheryl tried, and I absolutely fell in love with them. Not to mention a few of their other sets.

Things seemed promising, as she’d explain that she’d be pulling the tape measure tight to get an accurate measurement. My heart rate picked up; could a high street store actually give me an accurate fit? Well, no actually. And it was perhaps the worst fit I’d had yet.

Despite her measuring me at 80cm (just over 30 inches), her laminated card swingin’ from her lanyard informed her that OF COURSE a measurement like that would need a few inches added. But 4 just wasn’t good enough, she measured me at a 36.

Thirty bloody six! I wear a 30G! At worse I’ve been fitted as a 34DD. But at least a 34DD followed the rule of altering your cup size to back size. You’d think that with a back size so generous she’d size me around a D/E cup but oh no, I got put in a 36FF. Could it get any worse? Yes it did.

I was brought a plunge and balconette style of the same bra. The plunge was a marginally better fit, because at least I had a cleavage to make up for the poor fit. But as you can see from the photos, it was still terrible. The back band stretched for miles, my cups did nothing to keep me in place and the shape…there are no words.

Believe it or not, the balconette was even worse. There was so much space between my boob and the cup I could have easily sized 2/3 sizes. Of course the back band was horrendous, but what shocked me the most was that there was so much space between my chest and the gore, that light shone through. Even pictures taken on my terrible phone shows it…

There’s a huge amount of photos out there and on other blogs where we pull at the back bands to show how poor a fit is. But I’m not very good at taking photos over my shoulder/in the mirror (poor hand eye coordination), but what’s even more shocking is just how much space is shown with a simple tug at the front. Be warned…

Poor fit aside, I’d certainly buy bras from Boux Avenue as they have some gorgeous sets on offer. And whilst I was there, I decided to go solo and find some 30G’s to try on. But a lengthy scour of the shop left me miserable – despite the Westfields branch being considered the flagship store, I couldn’t find a single bra over an E cup in a back band lower than a 34. I was so disheartened, I didn’t even want to ask a member of staff to have a dig around out back. Looks like it’s going to be an online order from me…

But for me, it was the advice – or lack of – that I was given that really let the service down. When it comes to fitting challenges, I play ignorant because to me a fitter should tell me what to do. At every opportunity, the fitter asked me how I felt it looked/fitted/whatever, and to me that is a terrible service. A fitter is there to a. get the correct size and b. identify and educate as to what is a good fitting bra. But there people are rarer than hens teeth and Boux Avenue was no different. Not only was I sized wrong, but the poor girl couldn’t identify any one of the countless issues with fit, but seemed happy enough to send me on my way as a 36FF.

As you can tell, Cheryl wasn’t too happy with the group experience (ooh er).

I’m bitterly disappointed with Boux Avenue, perhaps more so than other shops. As a new lingerie venture, and with fitting being very much a hot topic, you’d think that they’d tackle it head on and get it right, when actually they’re as bad as everyone else and for me personally, it was my worst fit to date. And to add insult to injury – a fist of salt to a wound more like – the company pride themselves on going up to a H cup in some styles. But if they can’t fit Georgina Horne into a H cup, who the hell will they? It’s one thing for a company to incorrectly fit someone to fit their range, but another for a company to stock the correct sizes but have a fitting service that won’t even consider them. Come on Theo, I expected more from you.

It seems that Boux Avenue still have a lot to learn about fitting the fuller busts that it allegedly caters to, with bras up to a 40 band and an H cup. Their fitting methods may work on their D- customers – hey, it nearly worked on me – but for E+ girls, a very basic knowledge, a tape measure and a sizing chart just won’t cut it. However, I won’t rule it out as a shopping destination, as I was genuinely very impressed by the gorgeous lingerie which despite having an ever so slight La Senza styling feel to it overall, it was as if they’d taken the old (now deceased) brand and made a love child with something much more upmarket.

More excitingly, for Cheryl at least, was how well she got on with their plunge bra shape. We will definitely be ordering our ‘true’ sizes (off the website, of course, there’s no chance of getting one in store!) and will report back soon.

Watch this space – It may have been ‘boo’ to their fitting service, but their reasonably priced, pretty bras fill a very large void on the British High Street. Let’s see how they REALLY fit, shall we?

In the words of Regina George…

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21 Replies to “Boux Avenue Bra Fitting Review: ‘Boux Hoo’”

  1. I’m so surprised you had bad experiences! I had a simply delightful time at the Boux Avenue store in Glasgow. The fitter was lovely and chatty, (as you noticed) the store is very pretty and well laid out, and the bras are at a nice price point. I was also fitted (correctly!) into a 30E Loretta. I find that the back bands of that particular bra run a touch small, so it worked just fine for me, and I usually wear a 28F. Over all, I was very pleased! I feel so bad that you had a bad experience. Hopefully they get their stuff together!

  2. ouch, awful! It really hurts just looking at the pictures.
    I ordered from Boux Avenue a couple of times and I reeeeally like their stuff. Gorgeous styles, designs, very nice fit on smaller breasts too.

    But I think it’s really unbelievable that they actually have the right sizes available and then put you in sth so far off! Come on Boux! WHY?

    Becky in a 36FF? I mean, wtf?

  3. Wow, 36! That is terrible!

    Their sets are rather pretty but as I usually have trouble with loose-fitting 28 bands I doubt their 30 bands will do much for me 🙁

  4. Being fitted as a 32E, rather than a 30F, is about right, I found that Boux come up VERY tight in the band.
    I tried on 32FF’s (they have them in Meadow Hall in Sheffield) I couldn’t get the 30’s to do up. They seemed fine, but after not very long, I started to fall out the middle. What I really needed , was a 32G, which they didn’t have.
    Also the smallest band (in the very pretty) bikini’s is 32 and the largest cup size is FF. 🙁
    I didn’t try a fitting.

    1. The thing is I’m more in-between a 28 and a 30, so a 32 band (even on the smallest hook!) was way WAY too big. But you’re right that they do come up fairly snug x

  5. Hi Cheryl, I’ve just read your and fullerfigurefullerbust’s blog reviews of your Boux Avenue bra fitting. While I’m so pleased to hear you love the store and friendly service, I’m really disappointed to hear that your fitting wasn’t up to our usual high standards. We really value your opinions and hearing your feedback so thank you for bringing this to our attention. I want you to know that we’ve taken your review very seriously and we’re currently looking into why this has happened. Please leave this with me and I will get back to you with some answers,

    Miss B x

    1. Thanks Miss B. We really appreciate you taking the fitting issue seriously and we look forward to hearing back from you and hopefully coming to some kind of resolution. You know where we are! Becky x

  6. As one of the newer stores, maybe the sales assistants were not well enough experienced to fit a fuller bust size, I work at the Trafford Centre store and struggled myself with fitting a larger bust when we opened the store, however if it had have been me I would have asked for help from another assistant with more experience to ensure the customer went away happy with the service.When I fit a customer I always ask how they feel in the bra, at the end of the day the customer needs to be happy and a lot of customers won’t listen to our advice on what size they are, some insisting the back is too tight, when in fact it is the right size. Different stores do fit differently though, we have found Bravissimo to fit smaller on the back. I’m sorry you had a bad experience and I know Manchester’s a way from London, but I’m sure if you came into our store you would be fitted correctly!!

  7. I work with Becky and we were all disappointed to hear your fitting experience wasn’t up to our usual standard. Being a 30/32 and a large cup size myself, I know how important it is to educate our customer about how a bra should be worn and the different features of the bra. Like Becky said, different stores do fit differently, in fact we go out and do comparative fittings between stores so we are aware of the services out there to ensure we offer the best and are informed as to how sizes change between stores so we can let our customers know this. You’re welcome to come into our Trafford store any time you like! As the Westfield staff were new, they may have had a few teething problems but as I’ve seen from Miss B today, you’ve had a better fitting in store and I’m sure the westfield girls will learn from the experience 🙂 I think we deserve praise for the fact you can come into store and buy from a 30 to a 40 H cup off the peg and at a reasonable price! x

  8. how are boux bras to wear? im a 32g and i have had problems with bras like ultimo and masquerade. i feel like they fit but is no support and when i move i jiggle about like jelly. I did politely make this comment to ultimo who told me to get fitted. i then made this observation to michelle mone on twitter and she blocked me. Nice customer service

    1. Wow, great customer service indeed! Not! I can’t say that I’ve tried many as yet and the two that I tried were both very very different (one firm in both the band and the cup, one true in the cup but loose in the band). I’m on a mission to try more out and Miss B was kind enough to send Becky and I a set to wear and we’ll be sure to report back as soon as we have them in hand! x

  9. Hi! just to let you know (myself being a 30G) Ive been in boux recently and now around 50% percent of their bras go to a F/G and all new styles coming in will be 30-38 back. If you look in the drawers AT LEAST one of each size (including 30s) are available for you to try on. I didnt once have to ask a member of staff to look in the back for me. Although your fitting left something to be desired, I myself was fitted 30G/32FF dependent on fabric of the underband. Try Carina – its fab! And tight on the underband in a 30, so ideal for a 28/30 underband.

  10. I used to work for Boux Avenue. The training is terrible and the staff are treated like dirt!! They make you work around 45 mins a day without getting paid. Their policy is you have to start your shift 15 mins before you are due to without pay & if you do not you are given a warning (this is completely illegal) They also do not let you leave on time ever. Whilst opening our shop we were made to work 13 hour days with 30 min break sometimes, carrying heavy boxes and bags and perfumes and shop fits all without health and safety training.

    They also treated my pregnant friend at the time time like dirt. Making her carry crates up ladders and made her cry for being off with pregnancy related illness, mostly stress due to the place, which again is illegal.

    They also make the girls wear ridiculous amounts of make up. It is actually in the training that we must wear foundation, powder, blusher & mascara & tons of it. The orange fake look is what they are after. My manager at the time actually tried to make us wear heels all day on the marble slippy shop floor.

    The regional manager came into our store after opening & told a staff member she had to reapply her make up 3 times, as she wasn’t wearing enough. The girl ended up crying and feeling ugly. What kind of image and message is that giving to young girls?

    Thankfully I managed to get out of there not long after I started to pursue my career job. But I feel bad for the people that are still there & I completely refuse to buy anything from there now, neither do my friends.

  11. I went into a Boux Avenue store in Liverpool about ten days ago I got fitted. I went in with a size 32e that I knew was definitely too small in the cup. They fitted me as a 34f which I was unsure about. I thought perhaps I could’ve benefitted from another cup size. The back size on the 32 wasn’t the problem in my eyes. After much reassurance that the 34f bra fitted me perfectly I bought it. Once getting it home and trying it on a few more times I am still unhappy with it. After reading your blog, and a few others, I am going to go back into store and mention my concerns to the staff. I am hoping they can fit me again resulting in a better fitting bra. Fingers crossed 🙂

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