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Back in February I was kindly invited by Hannah of Hannah Bee to a bloggers event in my home county, Dorset.

The crew were lingerie bloggers from all over the country. I love reading lifestyle blogs – they’re like a window into people’s lives and give away all the very best secrets of things to do and places to see.

I have to admit – I have always had an inclination to write lifestyle posts on Invest in Your Chest but have refrained for a few main reasons.

All it really costs you to blog (bar hosting costs and domain ownership) is time. I think my main problem is I have been falling so short of what I’d like to be able to do (around a full time job and a shambles of a social life) that I just give up and leave it to my wonderful compadres who do such a fantastic job. Time is something I’m short of as it is, so do I have time to write about my daily adventures? Probably not.

Let me say a few words about relevancy. I really am super passionate about the lingerie industry. I have, however, found it difficult to keep myself so focused on one subject. I’ve had many a Twitter convo with readers and blogger alike about the issues with strolling out of your blog niche too much, and whether or not posts will be relevant and whether readers will be interested in what I have to say about what I get up to on a daily basis.

It wasn’t until I met the lifestyle blogger gals back in February that I decided to bite the bullet and indulge in my lifestyle blogging curiosity and bought the domain

1x1.trans Blog Number Two Invest In Your Chest

Playsuit: New Look
Cardigan: Bon Prix

This isn’t my first ‘lifestyle’ blog that I’ve created. It actually one of three (the two previous are now in the blogging graveyard in the sky!), but this one I’ve actually posted on more than a handful of times. Result.

The concept is pretty much whatever I fancy, which I have to admit after having a blog like Invest in Your Chest is quite refreshing. I’m sure any blogger who has been at it for more than a few years will be able to sympathise – sometimes you reach a stage when you’ve said all you can on a particular subject, and the thought of another lingerie review makes you want to scream!

But before you panic and think I’m going to throw the towel in with Invest in Your Chest – don’t fret! My heart still lies here – in fact I want to really get stuck into my favourite hobby – now that I’ve remembered that’s what it is first and foremost 1x1.trans Blog Number Two Invest In Your Chest

Thanks for sticking along for the ride!

1x1.trans Blog Number Two Invest In Your Chest

Dorothy and Alice has a mash up of posts from local restaurant reviews, things to do in Dorset to travel.

1x1.trans Blog Number Two Invest In Your Chest
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