Smaller bust resource: The best lingerie and swimwear options for smaller boobs

I’ve received a lot of great feedback for my blog post about The Little Bra Company, as it focuses on a size group which remains largely uncovered in the lingerie blogging world.

One of my favourite smaller bust bloggers is Of Lambs and Lace, who does IN-credible reviews into smaller bust brands, writes beautifully and even has a blog category specifically catered to Brands for Small Busts. Wowza.

I’ll admit I’m prone to window shopping, cherry-picking all of my favourite pieces from smaller bust brands. Obviously I could never give any kind of insight anywhere near as comprehensive or as qualified as Of Lambs and Lace, but I thought I’d take advantage of one of my favourite procrastination methods and create a blog post which will (hopefully!) help some of you find some lingerie and swimwear you love.

Starting with lingerie, I simply HAVE to start with Huit. Part of the Wacoal Eveden group, the brand are closely related to IIYC favourites Freya and Fantasie. Designs are chic and classic with a definite French sense of style. I feel like Huit are putting one big finger up to boring smaller bust lingerie, proverbially banging a drum and shouting “small bust should be sexy and fun too!”.

Interview lingerie set by Huit Lingerie
Interview, Huit Lingerie
Tandem lingerie set by Huit Lingerie
Tandem, Huit Lingerie

Next up is Mimi Holliday, a lingerie brand who Of Lambs and Lace has recently blogged about.

I always associate them as a full bust brand, as they go up to a G in many styles, but the brand actually start from a 28B. Each of their ranges come as a collection which has multiple bra styles – creating a range that suits multiples sizes and (perhaps even more importantly!) shapes. Hooray! Plus – clearly – their lingerie is to die for.

Small-busted ladies also check out their more premium parent brand Damaris which is exclusively smaller bust.

Coquette, Mimi Holliday

Great bikinis can be difficult to find at any size, but if I were below a D cup I certainly wouldn’t be focusing my attention on the generic High Street just because I am more likely to find something. Instead I would be reaching for one of the two following brands, who are quite possibly the two brands which make me regret being above a D cup. Heidi Klein and Seafolly.

Heidi Klein bikinis are just so sophisticated and simply stunning, without being at all loud or garish. They’re really sweet, simple designs but beautifully made. I’d love to see a full bust brand do something similar to the white corded detail on the nautical Abaco Beach Bandeau.

Striped Balcony Sete Top, Heidi Klein
Navy Abaco Beach Bandeau, Heidi Klein


Quite on the other side of the scale, I simply can’t resist the bright and beautiful prints of Seafolly. I’m almost tempted to try a string bikini for the first time in about five years just so I can have toucans on my boobs. Yes I am that girl.

Oasis, Seafolly

What do you make of my small bust recommendations? Of course, for some real expert opinions, head over to Of Lambs and Lace.

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5 Replies to “Smaller bust resource: The best lingerie and swimwear options for smaller boobs”

  1. Thanks for this article. We mainly stock swimwear rather than lingerie and Huit is one of our favourites, too. So often swimwear for the smaller bust is in dress sizes rather than cup size but Huit combines smaller bust sizes and fabulous designs. We particularly love the new Summer Love floral bandeau bikini and the nautical Sunset Stripes in admiral blue. Heather

  2. Cheryl Thanks, this post has served me well. Here among us, I’m loving lingerie and women’s underwear and always use, it’s my secret.
    I think everyone should have the opportunity to wear the clothes they want when they want, I am a staunch advocate of EQUALITY.
    I think you should do a column on the subject of “men and women’s underwear or lingerie.”

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