Behind the scenes at the Curvy Kate S/S 2012 photoshoot!

You’ve seen us go buck wild about this year’s Autumn/Winter offering from Curvy Kate, and it certainly got out brain cogs turning as to what they’ll have in store for us a year from now. Want a quick sneak peek? Oh go on then…

If you follow Curvy Kate on Facebook or Twitter you may have seen some of these pictures already, but CK’s Hannah sent me some sneak peek shots of what we can expect from the big-busted super-brand in (approximately) 365 days time:

Peace! The beautiful Laura rocks the latest Tease Me in a blush rose with deep raspberry lace overlay.

Spot the new face! Star in a Bra Australia’s Julia McLean joins the Curvy Kate model team for the first time.

How can anyone look that pretty BEFORE their model makeover Lauren Colfer?

Is that a navy and white Emily I spy?

A new addition to the Curvy Kate portfolio – the ‘Gia’

Laura in a suspiciously blurry picture… what could Curvy Kate be hiding?!

Laura looking very demure in a peach-toned nude in the new ‘Gia’ style.

Julia taking to modelling like a duck to water! What a natural pro!

You can’t beat a basic Emily bra. So glad these are here to stay.

The latest ‘Romance’ colour-way: a winning formula of black and red which is oh-so sexy. I wish this style had a suspender belt as it would look AWESOME.

Laura shows us how there is nothing boring about the ‘Daily Boost’ t-shirt bra. Gotta love that grin!

Gorgeous UK SIAB winner Lizzie Haines looking lovely in the new blue Lottie with Curvy Kate’s Seema Patel.

Lizzie is so adorable in the ‘Daily Boost’!

Yes Laura, you really are that stunning. Unfair I know.

M&S snacks? Is this the poshest photoshoot ever?

*jaw drops* One of my favourite Curvy Kate styles in one of my favourite colours. Must. Have.

The best thing about Curvy Kate campaigns is the girls always look like they’re having so much fun. I want to be there!

…That electric sapphire blue Tempt Me shall be mine! Bring on next year!

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4 Replies to “Behind the scenes at the Curvy Kate S/S 2012 photoshoot!”

  1. My reaction to the Tempt Me in that colour was exactly the same – it’s literally jaw-droppingly beautiful! The only positive I can possibly take from having to wait so long to own all these is that it gives me time to save up…

    As for the models, these ladies make the undies look so much more gorgeous and sexy than a stick-thin woman ever could (*looks pointedly in the direction of other full-bust brands*)!

  2. I was ready to sadly add the Tempt Me to the pile of “just doesn’t agree with my boobs” list, but I am definitely going to have to play around with the sizes until I find one that properly fits, because I am purchasing the electric blue/black colourway NO. MATTER. WHAT. And the red animal print number that Julia is rocking! x

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