Beaujais ‘Inkling’ and ‘Shadow Wrapped’: Bra Review

It’s not often I review a bra which is technically out of my size range, however I heard it through the grapevine that Beaujais (no longer an active company) ran slightly small in the backs and was a great luxurious choice for the bigger-busted girls out there, and after eyeing up their exquisite début collection I couldn’t help but check them out.
Before anyone gets too excited, I may as well point out now that the rumours were false. For me, the bands were not a ‘small’ 30, in fact they felt incredibly true to size, measuring up almost exactly to some of my 30 band bras from the likes of Fauve and Fantasie. That said, as a 30 band brand, they really are something special to look at.

I couldn’t resist dressing up a little for this shoot (hence the over-teased hair and too-much make up!) but I felt like the decadent and luxe finish of the bras deserved a bit of slap. The luxurious boudoir feel of the Inkling set (above) was just so sexy and expensive feeling, whilst still offering decent support. Taking into account that the band size was really too big, the cup size also felt like I could have done with an up-size. I felt 28G would have been perfect.

I don’t want to state the obvious here too much, but the cups were super sheer. The embroidery is oh-so Art Deco, with a stunning glass window effect. The bra was soft, comfortable and surprisingly supportive considering the size was a bit off, in fact the only problem I had with the ‘Inkling’ was the sizing issue. It’s not a style that I wear very often – in fact I don’t really own any bras like this – It’s really grown up and stylish and sophisticated.

Beaujais’ ‘Inkling’ (centre) compared to two Freya 28 band bras – clearly no way you could call it a ‘small 30’ – they’re incomparable!

Next up, I tried the Beaujais ‘Smokey Taboo’ set, and I didn’t really enjoy the shape of this bra on me as much at the ‘Inkling’. I was gutted, as this was actually the one I was looking forward to trying more. I felt like the shape was just too ‘forward and together’ for me, whereas my wider set boobs call for wider set cups. I also felt like the band needed to be that extra bit firmer to really hold me in, the cups were being pulled away from my body exaggerating this ‘forward’ effect.

The wires are a very pronounced ‘U’ shape which I sometimes find can be a little tricky on me. I don’t always fit very flat wires like Panache is famous for, but generally prefer a happy medium from the likes of Miss Mandalay, Freya and Curvy Kate. I feel like Beaujais is potentially on the opposite end of the scale from Panache with regards to the fit of the wires, however this could have been down to the fit being slightly off (this, again was a 30F).

Girls who really struggle to find narrow set bras, Beaujais could be what you’ve been waiting for.

Both of the sets, with their hand made elegant style, is beyond perfect for a grown up sexy look. These sets come with suspender belts and all the trimmings too, so would be ideal for something a bit special for an anniversary, Valentine’s day or other special occasion. Beaujais do a bespoke bridal service, which I can only image would be absolutely stunning.

You may have noticed how in the picture above I’m hiding the knicker line – this is because I found the size 10 (my usual size in the likes of Marks and Spencer, Topshop, Panache etc. for knickers) to be really rather small. When I order from Beaujais in the future I’ll definitely size-up with the knickers!

I love love LOVE a good navy blue silk, so of course I feel head over heels (or would it be arse over tit?) for this bra, however The shape of the cups in a 30F didn’t really do much for me. Whilst 30 bands are all that’s available on the website, luckily Beaujais offer a bespoke service and promise that ’26E-HH, 28DD-H and 36D-G sizes can be made to order’. I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that a 28G in this style would fit really nicely, so I’m hesitant to write this bra off as not right for me, but it certainly isn’t in a 30F.

As with any more structured cup, you have to pay a bit more attention to the fit being 100% spot on. The ‘Inkling’ set was way more forgiving in this sense, the cups mould and stretch more to your shape instead of the other way round.

Comparing the Beaujais ‘Shadow Wrapped’ bra (centre) with two Freya 28 band bras. Again the sizing appears ‘true to size’. Great for 30 band girls!

Whilst I’ve made a few criticisms of the fit of Beaujais – before you get carried away with me saying they’ve got more style than substance – let me put you right: I think more than anything, my experience with them is that the rumours I’d heard about them being a potential brand for 28 band wearers to up-size in (like Parfait by Affinitas), were false and they’re very, even meticulously, true to size.

Beaujais are not a brand that I would wear on a daily basis, but for a Friday night under your LBD, occasion wear or for something gorgeous and decadent for the boudoir, they’re a fabulous brand. Their vintage styling, sexy sheer panels, pretty use of embroidery and eyelash lace is outstanding; each bra feels like a work of art. If I was getting married I’d be scouring the website for their fabulous bridal range – perhaps where their amazing luxury detailing would come into its own. If you’re a 28 band (or even below!), Beaujais will cater for you, however you WILL have to have them made to order. For more information check out their website or email

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8 Replies to “Beaujais ‘Inkling’ and ‘Shadow Wrapped’: Bra Review”

  1. So happy to read about this brand from you! Do you think a person wouldn’t wear them as an everyday bra because of their not being as supportive, or just because of wanting to save them for special occasions?

  2. My goodness, that first set was to die for! I’m still stocking up in everyday bras, but I think I might need to make an exception and get one of those… I’ve got an anniversary coming up!

  3. Hi, I’m from Sweden and love your blog. I am also a size 28 but with E/F cup. The range of bras in my size is very limited in Sweden so I’m thinking of ordering from the UK. Any advise, especially concerning sizing. I would love if you did a review of bras from Mimi Holliday, they have 28 bands! They have cute bras don’t you think?

    1. Hi, I’d love to review some Mimi Holiday, they’re great but I’ve not had a chance as yet. Thanks for the request thought I’ll defintely look into it! X

  4. oh god… I have an inkling that I will, at some point, make my bank account very sad at the expense of that bra… I think I’m in love…

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