My ‘Star in a Bra’ application… and you should too! competition opens: 23rd February

So this year I decided to apply for and Curvy Kate’s Star In A Bra competition. Basically you have to swallow your pride and take pictures of yourself in your delicates, send them in to the competition which is whittled down by a panel of judges to a final 10. These 10 are then put to the public vote. Continue reading “My ‘Star in a Bra’ application… and you should too! competition opens: 23rd February”

The Online Fitting-Guide Challenge

Similarly to my High Street Fitting Guide blog, I have had a look at some on-line fitting guides. Due to the truly horrific results from my past undercover mission, and the fact that the places which came out top are far and few between; mainly in London or other big cities dotted around the country it makes the business of fitting rather difficult. Thankfully most stores offer an online fitting guide for those of us who cannot easily reach a reputable shop for a proper fitting. Continue reading “The Online Fitting-Guide Challenge”

High Street Fitting Challenge

I was recently asked by a popular on-line bra shop to perform an undercover mission to challenge the fitting services of high-street shops and department stores. Below I have given a brief review of my experience, naming and shaming companies (because hey, I can!) and describing my experience in my cross-section experiment. Please feel free to share your own experience after reading mine; and take a moment to invest time, effort and… to a certain extent; money into your assets. Continue reading “High Street Fitting Challenge”