Ann Summers Sexy Uncovered – Interview with Lucy Moore

It seems these days there are more and more competitions to get real women everywhere modelling for their favourite companies, and here at Invest In Your Chest we love that attitude. It’s about time we saw women that we can relate to advertising products we want to buy, and Ann Summers was the latest to jump on this band wagon.

They scoured the nation and after sifting through thousands of entries, a top ten of stunning finalists were chosen. One glamorous advert later, and the new face of the Ann Summers Valentine’s Day 2012 campaign was to be voted for by the public…

But there was a problem…

…out of all ten finalists, only one girl seemed bigger than a size 10.

Don’t get us wrong – all the girls are stunning, and worthy finalists…but it would have been nice to see a little more variety when it came to shapes and sizes.

Still, representing the ‘bigger’ corner is the beautiful Lucy Moore. She and the other girls are doing a brilliant job of representing real women everywhere, but we can’t help but have a soft spot for someone like Lucy.

I managed to nab a quick interview with Lucy before the voting came to an end, hear what she has to say about the competition.

Hi Lucy! Why don’t you start by telling Invest In Your Chest readers a little about yourself?

Lucy: Well I’m Lucy, I’m 20 and from a small city in Portsmouth but now I’m living in The Big City where I study Criminal Justice at Westminster University. I love fashion and spend all my money on clothes and accessories – more of a bag than shoe lady! I’m a caring person and love being around friends and family. I also love to bake!

A girl after our own hearts; we have a horrible addiction to baking! We’ve been following the competition for quite some time now, but for those out there who haven’t, fancy shedding a little light on it?

Lucy: The competition is to find a ‘real’ woman from the nation to be the face of the Ann Summers Valentines day campaign for 2012. WE all starred in an advert for the brand and now we need the public to vote for their favourite finalist! You can head to my page by clicking here:

Well you’ve got our vote. How did it feel to get through ?

Lucy: It felt great to get through, a real boost! I was auditioning in a hotel amongst so many gorgeous ladies who to me looked like models already. I cried when my name was called, because it was half way through the announcements, and I thought to myself that I hadn’t made it. By the looks of the girls I thought I would stick out, but luckily for me they wanted a plus size lady so I was over the moon! It didn’t feel real for ages!

I’m not sure I could cope with the pressure of a competition like that! Why did you decide to enter?

Lucy: I decided to enter just because of the fact that Ann Summers advertised for ladies of all shapes and sizes, so me being a size 14-16 thought “why not then?!” I shop at Ann Summers and feel good and sexy in their clothes so I took a gamble in the hope they’d think the same of me too.

It paid off then! Have you enjoyed your experience?

Lucy: YES! This experience has been life changing already. The filming was amazing; I was on a high for the full two days we filmed! And as for the other finalists, I feel I’ve made some friends for life , and for that I am so grateful for.

That’s really great to hear – you’d always worry in a competition that the girls might be against each other, but it must be nice to come away with some friends, whether you win or not. What was the shoot like?

Lucy: The shoot was very long but very exciting. We were woken at 6am, and finished shooting around 10pm . A very long day, however, there was no time to feel tired, it was all so exciting! We had a catwalk – which I heard was borrowed from Gucci! – and we were taught to strut our stuff and flirt with the camera, as you see in the ad! It was hot in front of so many lights but all the crew were fantastic and treated me and the other finalists like celebrities. We had runners on the ‘glam squad’ touching us up and runners with drinks and straws in between takes – a life I could get used to!

That does sound pretty glamorous, although I’m not too sure about the 6am start, there’s not a lot that could get me up at that time! You look amazing in the advert and quite rightly, very confident. Have you always been confident and proud of your beautiful shape and size?

Lucy: I do have a lot of body confidence. I seem to have more than my friends, especially when it comes to clothes I wear. Some of my friends – who are in my eyes more gorgeous and slim than me – wouldn’t wear what I wear. For instance, lace bodies – my friends began wearing them after I did! So yes, I would say I’m very confident in my body and not afraid to show off my best bits! However, we all have our down days; days or weeks where we feel rubbish and ugly, however I am a positive person who chooses to ignore these days and remember how lucky I am just to have everything working on my body! I’m not blind and both my arms and legs work fine, so we have to be grateful for what we have!

Good for you Lucy! Now, you’re obviously considered the ‘bigger’ girl in the competition and as a result, that’s kind of what you’re labelled as. Do you find it insulting, or a compliment?

Lucy: It’s the truth – I won’t deny my size or squeeze into something too small. I won’t get a complex about being labelled the ‘bigger’ girl because clearly I am, these girls are around a size 8-10, so I’m definitely the biggest girl! However, it can make me feel very alone due to the fact I’m the only big girl in the ad, but I cant feel down about this. I’ve been chosen and I must have a look that they like, therefore I will embrace being the ‘bigger’ girl label. I feel lucky they wanted me!

That’s a really good attitude to have. Whilst it’d be nice to have a range of sizes represented all the time, the term bigger definitely shouldn’t have to be a negative. So, how does it feel to be that girl in the advert?

Lucy: It feels good to know ladies my size and bigger will feel happy that I am representing them in the advert, however obviously it can feel a bit daunting being the only plus size one when I’m surrounded by the slim girls who are absolutely beautiful and to me look like Ann Summers models already! But I’m just grateful I was chosen for the ad, being my size, because this is the first time Ann Summers have shown anyone my size in their items so for that I am chuffed to bits!

It’s certainly refreshing to see a size closer to the national average in their products. Do you have any words of wisdom to girls like you, who maybe aren’t as confident as you?

Lucy: My words of advice to girls my size (and bigger!) is to believe in yourself. Wake up and look in the mirror and believe you are gorgeous and sexy, embrace your body! The feminine body, to me, is beautiful in any shape or size, you have to go with what Gods given you and work it to its best. Smile and be positive about yourself, if you are miserable you won’t feel sexy and others won’t believe you’re sexy.

That’s very true – confidence starts with the individual and no one else. Why do you think people should vote for you?

Lucy: I would love people to vote for me due to the fact that Ann Summers have never portrayed a plus size model, but they sell clothes up to a size 20 (as far as I’m aware!). I am confident in my size 14-16 body and want ladies to flick through the catalogues and see something I’m wearing and think “ooh that would suit my body because I’m more that size than the other model”. Lets break the mould!

It would be nice to see a bit more variety out there, and not just in Ann Summers. What’s your take on the whole skinny vs. curvy debate, or the use of the term ‘real women’?

Lucy: The skinny vs. curvy debate is stupid! In my personal opinion, any woman is a real woman. It’s silly to say otherwise. Unless some women are robots! Everyone is beautiful no matter who or what they are, and we are all real.

It’s a term that’s thrown around so much, which can be so damaging, we need to stop putting women against each other! Do you have any tips on body confidence?

Lucy: A tip on body confidence is to never ever compare yourself to others! It can make you so judgemental of yourself and you will end up feeling down. Be yourself and embrace who you are. Never stop smiling!

Very inspiring Lucy. Anything else you’d like to add?

Lucy: I’m just so grateful to being chosen to be in a lingerie advert, the first ever TV ad of Ann summers, and it’s starring me – a plus sized lady! For that I feel like a winner already. I’m so grateful and happy about the whole experience, it will stay with me forever and I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren! And I just hope that people see from me my confidence and feel more confident in their bodies too.


Good luck Lucy! Remember, voting ends on the 30th of November so please go and vote, then tell all your loved ones to vote! To see Lucy, the rest of the contestants, and to know more about the competition, go have a look at the Sexy Uncovered website.

Image credits: Sexy Uncovered website

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5 Replies to “Ann Summers Sexy Uncovered – Interview with Lucy Moore”

  1. The simple truth is that more high street shoppers will identify with Lucy because more people are NOT an 8 to 10. For that reason, you have to fancy Lucy to be the favourite to win this competition. Quite frankly it might be damaging for Ann Summers’ if she isn’t!

    1. I agree with Matt Taylor and I think Lucy is lovely. Indeed I thought all the girls looked great in the advert, including my own daughter, Sinead. However as a Dietitian working in the Health Service, without wanting people to be stick thin, I believe we should all try to keep to the weight that is right for our build, by eating sensibly and keeping active throughout life, so we remain healthy enough to enjoy wearing beautiful lingerie and feeling good about our bodies until a ripe old age. I certainly intend to. So well done to Ann Summers and all the women that took part in the competition, I thought you were all stars.

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