A return to Boux

Some of you may have read my recent post which told the sad tale of my experience in Boux Avenue’s fitting rooms, and an even more horrific tale of FullerFigureFullerBust’s 36H boobs in a silky 40FF bra.

Well only a few short days afterwards Boux Avenue’s very own Miss B got in touch on Twitter to express her concern and offer her apologies, assuring us that our experience was not typical of the brand and not up to their usual high standards.

First of all I think it’s worth saying just how rare it is to be contacted directly by a company following a ‘bad’ review, especially in such a public and direct format as Twitter. Miss B’s comment read:

“Hi Cheryl, I’ve just read your and FullerFigureFullerBust’s blog reviews of your Boux Avenue bra fitting. While I’m so pleased to hear you love the store and friendly service, I’m really disappointed to hear that your fitting wasn’t up to our usual high standards. We really value your opinions and hearing your feedback so thank you for bringing this to our attention. I want you to know that we’ve taken your review very seriously and we’re currently looking into why this has happened. Please leave this with me and I will get back to you with some answers,

Following Boux’s initial contact we were invited back to the store to get refitted with Miss B herself!

Our second trip to Boux was in many was very similar to the first. The store was still gorgeous and the staff were still incredibly friendly, the only difference was that this time our friend Georgina was absent but the brand’s own blogger has taken her place!

There’s no way to get better acquainted with a new blogger than to get down to your bra in a changing room followed by a cream tea. Want to hear more from her? Check out her own blog post on our meeting.

But were we convinced a second time round? Absolutely.

Let’s remind ourselves of the problems that I had at my first Boux Avenue fitting

Cheryl: Fitting fitting: 32E           Second fitting: 28FF?/30F

Becky: First fitting: 36FF         Second fitting: 32FF

Quite a difference, eh? But more importantly than the ‘size’, it’s the common denominator that we both shared: bands that were far too big and fastened on the smallest hook.

As my fitter this time round had the benefit of me wearing a pretty well-fitted bra (My Freya Jolie, 30F) it was a lot less of a stab in the dark. I didn’t feel that the girl this time round had necessarily been given better training or gave a better level of customer service as the girl first time round was very friendly and helpful and used the exact same fitting method. The results, however, were quite different.

From last time: a 32E on the smallest hook

This time I was given a 30F to try in the same style (the lacy Chloe set) and to my surprise I found the 30 band was still very loose on me. As I found the cups in the 32E to be just right, the sister size 30F was also great in the cup, but my guess is I’d need a 28FF in this style as the fabric is particularly stretchy and I’m in-between sizes as it is. This puts me in a bit of a Boux black hole, as they start at a 30 band.The fitter assured me that their stretchy, lacy fabrics tend to come up quite loose in the band and I might get on better with their satin and more structured styles. And she was right! I tried the gorgeous Loretta style and it was a much firmer band. The cups were too small, however and I would certainly need a 30FF!

I’m eager to see how these bras will fit in my ‘true’ size, and whether the issues I’ve seen so far is simply a fitting blip. Any regular readers will know of my love/hate (mainly hate) relationship with plunge bras, and this one (even in the wrong size) shows definite signs of promise. Once they have a 30FF back in stock I’ll be popping one in my basket and trying one out. One particular concern was how our fitter failed to understand that putting a bra on the middle or smallest hook would not be good practice as – I’m sure many of you know – after a few months of wash and wear a bra band will stretch out and lose its shape and support. She assured us that Boux Avenue bras will not lose their shape ‘for a few years’ which despite being a sign of great faith in their product, let’s face it, is simply impossible.

I think that whilst the girls are in a brand new store and seem to need to gain more experience and fit more women, I think Boux still need to keep improving their methods to keep their service consistently on par with the service that I received with Miss B. More than a good service, consistently great service is the sign of a fantastic fitting outlet.

I also think that there needs to be more training on bra fitting, and less focus on the use of the tape measure method, as we proved on a second visit when Becky was fitted as a 32FF as opposed to her first go (a 36FF – we know! Eek!) it’s not a very reliable method and can’t be used to replace real fit knowledge. To quote Clare of The Butterfly Collection: ‘We need to teach bra fit first and sizes second’.

I haven’t given up on Boux and I’m willing to give their fitting service another try after their fantastic response to our post. Boux proved that they’re on the ball with blogs and social media, as well as the fact that they really care about being heralded for their fitting service. They want to learn and improve and they want to get involved with customer feedback, and for me that can only be a good thing.

Get your fitting service on par with your social media, blog and products and maybe we’re on to something, Boux Avenue!

After so many comments on my last post and invites from other members of Boux staff, it might not be too long before I take one of them up on their offer…

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4 Replies to “A return to Boux”

  1. I’m glad they were so responsive! I’m still figuring out my size, and I find the fit advice I get to be frustrating (though it is primarily via email, difficult in the best circumstances). You’re lucky you have some shops you can visit in person.

    All the time we spend trying to find what works best for us makes me think that finding somebody who could make them for us might be worth a treasure…

  2. Another thing I noticed about Boux is that the models on the website often don’t look like they are wearing a good fitting bra – they are all in 32C or 32E bras when some of them really need a 30D or 30F.

    But it’s really great that they have taken your comments on board! And their collection is lovely.

  3. Would you believe, I am so jealous of the fittings you can get. I know +4 is a tough one to crack, but for us who use continental sizing, it is even harder: There is already added 4″ to the band, so a 75band (34band) is actually 86cm = 34″, despite 75cm only being 30″.
    I went into a new bra store (ID lingerie) today, and asked what sizes they had, and told them I was wearing a 75L (34HH). They told me that there can be a bit of difference between brands, so maybe I should try this! and handed me a 85F (38E)! When I put it on, she had to admit that it didn’t fit in the cup, but when I pulled out in the band and said the band didn’t fit so well either, she measured me to 86cm (I measure 80-88cm/31.5″-34.6″ depending on how tight I do it, so that’s fine), and said I definitely needed at least the 85, perhaps 90 (40!). After shoehorning me into their 85H (38FF), they educated me on how cup sizes change relative to the band, so they figured 95H (42FF) would be a good fit for me, and they would be happy to send that to me. What am I going to do with a bra with a band 4 sizes too big?! I told them (yes, a little crowd of fitters were now gathered in my changing room) that if I would need to order it, I might as well stick with the 75L’s that I can get from other places, to which one of them disbelievingly exclaimed “75??!” 🙁 I am a larger girl, but it shouldn’t be that much of a joke that my middle-section is not plus-sized. I was nearly in tears when I excused myself to leave.
    Went into Change Lingerie, after reading so much of the Bra Band project, I wanted to see how small bands they had. I’ve had many bad encounters with the fitter in that store, but she wasn’t there! A new team was there, and I felt so relived that I even tried on a 80K (36H), but Change has very loose bands and very small cups, so didn’t work. The new team were so nice, though! They asked me lots of questions where I currently bought bras, how sizing compared to other brands, the need for a bigger size selection and the lack of small bands (Change has down to 60 (28), where other stores only have 70(32) and up to K(H) where others only have H(FF)) and she very VERY strongly encouraged me to let Change headquarters know that there is a demand for a bigger selection, because they are willing to expand. Thrilled to see that at least one store is working to change the scarcity of sizes!
    (sorry for the long post, needed to vent some fitting-experiences 😉 )

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