365 Days of Freya Deco

It’s no secret that I struggle a little with the Freya Deco as I’m unfortunately in the ‘wide set, lower fullness’ category, which is notoriously the boob shape nemesis of the Deco.

The Freya Deco, however is a much-loved lingerie staple for thousands, and I have a fair few friends whose lingerie collection consists of nothing BUT the Deco in multiple colours.

Whilst the ‘regular’ plunge shape is a fail-safe classic, it’s the introduction of other products within the range which has really taken off in the past few years.

Wearing the Freya Deco strapless (as part of my OOTD on the Fitting Talk blog)

The strapless Deco (which worked much better for my shape and has gotten me through many a night out), the soft cup Deco, the Deco Honey (a deliciously embellished version of the original) and the new prints and shapewear of 2013, this year promises to be ‘The Year of the Deco.’

To celebrate the Deco’s new lease of life, Freya have created the 365 Days of Deco campaign, with cool new micro site www.freyadeco365.com, which features a ‘Deco Style Wall’ where you can upload photos of you wearing a Deco underneath your outfit, showing how it offers you the best support for your style.

Upload a photo of your outfit and you could win the entire Deco collection, a shopping spree and many other prizes!

MONTHLY: 10 sets of Deco lingerie given away per month

SEASONAL: Get your ‘style wall’ photo featured in one of Freya’s magazine adverts
Win the whole Deco range

GRAND PRIZE: An £1000 shopping spree with your very own stylist (OoooOOOooo!)

The site features this nifty little video which shows off just how versatile the Deco range is.

Watch in HD!

Alternatively enter through Instagram by tagging your photos with #FreyaDeco365.

Pssst! Anyone spotted something new? Could this be a sneak peek into the Freya future?

If so, I’m definitely intrigued by that longline strapless…

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4 Replies to “365 Days of Freya Deco”

  1. I love the Deco, it gives me the best cleavage ever and it’s so comfy 🙂 Sadly, I’m inbetween sizes at the moment… Can’t wait to try the longline though!

  2. I’m another not suited for the Deco. 🙁 Lower fullness. Must check out the strapless! Although I doubt it’ll replace the Wonderbra Ultimate strapless which is fantastic.

  3. I’m also unfortunately incompatible with the most Freya’s models, Deco too. But I think, design is very nice and as I tested it last week, the fabric is very softly and wires are better padded as Panache’s.

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